When you are a member of the ever-growing Bitcoin community, Bitcoin security is always a high priority, especially when it comes to protecting personal data from governments and others. Through no fault of their own, the Coinbase fiasco dealing with the IRS is another example of Bitcoin users constantly under siege.

Maybe using large centralized websites for Bitcoin is not the way to go to secure your decentralized currency? Trezor, the original hardware wallet for the Bitcoin community, is redesigning their popular Trezor, and we have some information on what they have in store for 2017.

Trezor almost ready to bring a little color to your Bitcoin life

Trezor has distinguished themselves by their rather basic and less-than-colorful device design over the last three years, and it seems Satoshi Labs is ready to redesign their best seller with that in mind. They did provide a mock-up of a design they may go with, but it is a huge departure from their current model. It may not look exactly like this, but it will have a full-color touchscreen.

Trezor wallet

The Trezor 2 - they did not refer to it as T2 - will have many other new features built-in. These include a micro-SD card, a considerably faster processor and a feature called TREZOR Core.

“With TREZOR 1, all firmware changes have to be implemented by Satoshi Labs, before they are released as a part of the official firmware. Moreover, the code of TREZOR 1 is written in C, which is a relatively advanced programming language. These hurdles to software development will disappear with the TREZOR 2. TREZOR 2 will come with TREZOR Core, a collection of tools that will enable a wider community to take part in programming and contributing to the code.”

Core includes a micro-python processor for programmers who use Python. Satoshi Labs will also co-sign vendor headers, allowing users to add more customization and security features than you’d expect. Users should be able to create their own welcome screens and headers for their new Trezor 2.

Released at the laBITconf Bitcoin event in Buenos Aires, the final design has not been released, so unfortunately you probably shouldn’t expect this for Black Friday. No release date or pricing was mentioned, but an early 2017 release seems most likely.