As the Bitcoin bull run continues unabated, social media is rife with commentary, news and memes.

Like plucky investors looking to get in on the action, some Twitter users are using the #Bitcoin hashtag to boost their following and interaction.

While looking out for prominent influencers advice and opinion on the looming CBOE Bitcoin futures launch this weekend, a swathe of Twitter users were sharing similar posts promising Bitcoin for retweets and follows.

Some Twitter users were getting well over a thousand retweets for their ridiculous claims.

This clever user noted the trend - and promised to give absolutely nothing away.

Another user offered some sage advice:

Riding the wave

What this amusing and somewhat annoying trend proves is that a lot of people are trying to get as much as they can out of the trending Bitcoin status.

This goes for social media and the actual Bitcoin markets, as people clamor to get on the runaway train. The next two weeks will be especially telling for the cryptocurrency space, as futures are introduced to the market for the first time.

Expect the Twitter trolls to keep on troll-lol-ing for the foreseeable future.