The adoption of digital currencies from companies in European Union is a controversial issue as the legal framework is still vague in terms of accounting and currency handling.

The directions from the European Central Bank are mainly focused on warning investors about the unstable nature of cryptocurrencies and the high volatility that is involved in their prices.

Companies that choose to accept Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies are taking some fundamental risks, but they also open new markets to crypto communities and new users with a higher technological education.

Diffusion, acceptance and adoption of digital currency in Europe

Given this context, the University of Macedonia is conducting a survey on digital currencies and their adoption by companies in the European Union.

More specifically, this survey is targeted to cryptocurrency-Interested companies, and aims to understand their opinion of digital currencies (Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, etc.) and its prospects.

George Foroglou states:

“The goal is to investigate the extent of diffusion, acceptance and adoption or not of digital currency as a technological innovation, combined with the extent of perceived usefulness, ease of use and security of digital currency as a means of transaction by companies in the European Union nowadays. As the survey is conducted throughout Europe, English has been chosen as a common language of this survey.”

The survey is being carried out for the purposes of a PhD thesis in the Department of Applied Informatics at the University of Macedonia, Greece with Assistant Professor Emmanouil Stiakakis as supervisor and George Foroglou as collaborator.

The questionnaire is anonymous and the responses provided will be confidential, as they will be used only for the purposes of the doctoral research.

You can take part in the survey here.