As part of its new initiative focused on the importance of Blockchain technology, US State Department has started looking for a new intern.

Working group dubbed as Blockchain@State

The new working group opened by the US State Department is called “Blockchain@State,” and it will be managed by the Office of Global Partnerships. The main goal of the working group initiative is to determine the usefulness of research applications and distributed ledger technologies (DLT) in US foreign policy. One of the intern’s job responsibilities is to monitor key developments in Blockchain processes and utilize cases. Aside from that, the intern must prepare weekly reports for the new Blockchain workgroup.

The job may also require a host of different skills. A keen eye for research is needed because the intern must delve on a diverse range of Internet sources like tech blogs, forums, online channels, news sites, government pages, and academic research about Blockchain.

Extensive data preparation is also required because the intern needs to forward a report to a stakeholder organization. Additionally, the intern must also possess advanced communication skills. The scope of the job is global, so the intern must expect direct collaboration with several stakeholders.

Growing interest for Blockchain

With Blockchain becoming more popular these days, a significant number of US government departments are rapidly showing interest. According to Federal News Radio, the General Services Administration is planning to launch a federal Blockchain project sometime around this summer. The project is a major part of GSA’s Emerging Citizen Technology program, which aims to combine the efforts of multiple agencies in brainstorming about AI and other innovative technologies.

On December 9, 2016, the Department of Commerce has also hosted a public meeting that’s focused on Blockchain interoperability and the discussion of emerging technologies. The meeting will also cover important aspects like addressing private issues of digital registries which can then be linked to information security.