Wall of Coins has integrated support for privately buying Dash over-the-counter for cash, as well as for Africa-based MobileMoney, as Dash surges to all-time highs.

A platform for streamlined fiat-to-crypto buying, Wall of Coins allows users to make an anonymous cash deposit to buy cryptocurrency, which is then released from escrow to the buyer. This provides a peer-to-peer experience similar to what LocalBitcoins offers, only with a more streamlined experience to significantly cut down on time spent buying.

According to Robert Genito, CEO of Genitrust, which operates Wall of Coins, integrating Dash was a perfect fit for this model:

“Dash has a lot of utility, and to be frank, Dash's features are what the cryptocurrency communities have been requesting for years: instantly settled transactions, privacy and the ability for the currency to adapt to growing market demands.”

Partnership between Dash and Wall of Coins takes aim at cryptocurrency adoption

Genito believes that an easy-to-use option for cash buying is crucial to the adoption of a cryptocurrency and that includes Dash:

“Wall of Coins is a perfect fit to boost Dash's accessibility to the masses. Wall of Coins is focused entirely on the biggest problems people face with new money and that challenge is simply new money "adoption." We're solving this with an ecosystem approach that let's everyone be involved.”

The integration with Dash was unique among cryptocurrencies in Wall of Coins itself did not have to provide 100 percent of the funding and support for the integration but instead received help from Dash itself. Unlike many other coins, Dash’s block reward of newly minted coins, rather than going entirely to miners, saves 45 percent for masternode stakeholders and 10 percent for development. The masternodes voted to fund the Wall of Coins integration from the treasury, that remaining 10 percent. Genito sees this as a step forward in the developmental model for money:

“To top it off, Dash's stakeholders voted to fund Wall of Coins to integrate Dash. I think it's pretty amazing that a cryptocurrency exists that can hire human beings and that's what is going on here: people in the Dash ecosystem are being paid by an inorganic robot. This is real, this is happening today and this is a powerful step forward in money.”

Additionally, Wall of Coins recently added support for MobileMoney, an Africa-based service that allows users to load money onto their mobile phones at retail locations, giving Africans another streamlined way of purchasing Bitcoin and Dash.

According to Genito, this quick turnaround with integration is part of the Wall of Coins model:

“WOC can boot into a new country almost instantly. This is just the surface of what this powerful platform is designed to do."

Dash’s recent surge to the top three in the cryptocurrency charts

Dash has been on an impressive rise in price and market cap recently, nearly tripling value this year alone. After a major upgrade to its 12.1 Sentinel architecture, it rose up several spots on the charts, overtaking longtime competitors Litecoin and Monero, finally passing Ripple to claim the number three spot, behind only Ethereum and Bitcoin.

As far as primarily money-purposed cryptocurrencies are concerns, this places Dash at number two behind Bitcoin. Still, cryptocurrency’s giant holds nearly 100 times Dash’s value, meaning the upstart competitor for the place of digital cash still has a lot of ground to cover.