Weekend Roundup: New York Extend BitLicense Deadline, Blackcoin Making Moves, and Australia Issues Tax Guidance

1. New York Makes More Time for Comments on BitLicenses Proposal

On Friday, we reported that the NYDFS had extended the deadline for public commentary on its proposed regulatory framework for cryptocurrency businesses until Oct. 21.

“It’s really the collision of banking regulations with new technology, and we want to make sure we get it right.

-Benjamin M. Lawsky, the superintendent of financial services

2. Blackcoin is Picking Up Momentum

Ian DeMartino reported Thursday that Blackcoin is now available for trading on Bittrex and new Genesis1 ATMs.

“It is that strong developer support that has given rise to a string of wins for the increasingly popular altcoin. Starting with the release of its multi-sig and smart contract client BlackHalo and continuing through debit card support, ATM support and Bittrex pairing.

3. Australia’s Tax Office Releases Bitcoin Guidelines

Bogdan Ulm reported Wednesday that Australia had released guidance for its taxpayers as to how to treat Bitcoin for their 2013-2014 returns.

“It has been a long time coming as Cointelegraph initially reported that the ATO is planning to p