Jackson Palmer, creator of the eternally-inflationary Dogecoin, recently made a monumental announcement to CoinDesk: he's disgusted with people like himself.

After making lots of money off a cryptocurrency that's lately fallen into decline (since not even a dog joke is cute forever), Palmer has decided to leave the “toxic” environment that is the future of money.

But not before insulting the skin color and principles of those who've contributed to his retirement fund.

Palmer blasted the “white males” who gave Dogecoin value, as well as the “anarcho-libertarian beliefs” that affirm that anyone—even Jackson Palmer—ought to be allowed to make and market his own money.

Some have questioned the sincerity of Palmer's implied claims that cryptocurrency communities are somehow exclusionary to females, since he said at CoinSummit 2014 that one of Dogecoin's best features is that it has a “lot more women” (see minute 29:54 below). This is the same conference where he told the audience to watch out for “pump-n-dump” altcoins (minute 12:55).

Palmer wrapped his self-hating lecture to CoinDesk by expressing his admiration for the banking system:

“I like the idea of being able to reverse charges if my bank account is ever compromised, personally."

Some have pointed out that Palmer would now make an excellent spokesperson for both central banking and FDIC insurance. Because hey—who needs a peaceful world of monetary egalitarianism when you can have third-party charge-backs instead?

wow. much advance. very admire.

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