A recent analysis shows that the justice system in the UK is ‘archaic and paper-based.’ These problems resulted in inefficient services and poor planning and even worse organization. In fact, only half of trials took place on the day they were supposed to, according to the report.

The authors of the report, the CGI and the Police Foundation, indicated that while current UK systems were flawed and unhelpful, the justice system is facing even more difficulties because of coming budget cuts. Nevertheless, solutions may be possible through greater levels of efficiency and digitalization within the system itself, including implementing Blockchain technology solutions.

Blockchain needed

The report reads:

"Greater use of automation could improve the speed and quality of completing tasks such as auditing casework and in the future could even help address issues such as subjective bias in judicial decision-making. Blockchain technologies could present a unique opportunity to increase accuracy and transparency through secure, auditable distributed records."

Overall, the advantages of Blockchain technology provide a means of controlling and maintaining records with confidence while at the same time providing cost-effective solutions, even as other world governments dive into Blockchain technology.