Technological innovations with Blockchain technology are popping up all the time. From real estate to data services, these applications are excellent use cases for how Blockchain technology will reshape the face of digital information.

A recent development in the Blockchain technology space may be used to put an end to DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks, according to These attacks use mass requests to render a website useless to its intended users, and cause affected sites to be knocked offline.

Centralized vs. decentralized

Current systems use centralized servers to try to absorb the large volume of spam information that can result in DDoS. However, the nature of DDoS attacks makes the bandwidth required to process this much data almost insurmountable.

A decentralized platform allows users to rent out their bandwidth, which can then be pooled to allow for substantially greater amounts of data processing, greatly reducing the risk of DDoS success. According to

“By using Blockchain, Maryland-based Gladius is creating a system that would allow people to rent out their unused bandwidth, so that it can be used to absorb malicious DDoS traffic and mitigate attacks.”

The decentralized platform provides a system whereby pooled bandwidth can be accessed and utilized in ways far superior to single-server centralized models, where bandwidth is limited.