In the midst of the current altcoins price fall, Dash proved resilient by dislodging Ethereum Classic from the number six spot on the top 10 CoinMarketCap list.

In fact, this already happened last week but it lasted briefly with Ethereum Classic fighting back and gaining its composure. This time around, it looks like Dash has come to stay at number six and even move up.

What propels Dash

Ryan Taylor aka Baby Giraffe, Director of Finance at Dash, explains:

"I wouldn’t take anything away from Ethereum Classic, which has had a fantastic week as well. I think the market is developing a much deeper appreciation for the power of our economics, which ensures our budget expands as our price grows. This is allowing us to hire more business development staff and more programmers to continue our rapid growth. We are also more effectively getting our message out about why we feel the overall user experience is our strategy and why that will deliver superior results."

Evolution is coming

Baby Giraffe told Cointelegraph there is similarly significant excitement surrounding the release of version 12.1, Dash's first major software release in 18 months.

It represents a major step toward their landmark creation, Evolution, which is due late this year or early next year. To the Dash team, there are many reasons to be excited about Dash right now.

"I publicly predicted at the beginning of the year that Dash would vastly outperform the cryptocurrency space as a whole this year and end the year within the top four in terms of market cap," Baby Giraffe recalled. "We are obviously off to a great start toward achieving that but market cap is an outcome of executing a sound strategy and it is that strategy that the entire team is focused on delivering. We don’t hype our coin or attempt to trash our competitors. The culture here is rather one of being heads-down in solving problems and delivering a great product. We believe the market cap will follow."

Team excited

According to Baby Giraffe, Dash is adding a tremendous number of talented individuals to the team right now and the environment is electric.

"It feels exactly like a well-funded fast-growing startup in which everyone knows we’re working on the world-altering technology. And we’re implementing it in a way that will have maximum impact on the world by making that technology relevant to everyday people. I’m simply honored to be here and my sense is that most everyone feels much the same way."

He assured the crypto community and holders of Dash that the team is working incredibly hard to deliver a product that will redefine the cryptocurrency space. "We have all the resources we need to achieve our goals and a highly professional and driven team working toward a shared vision. With that combination, I don’t think our investors and users will be disappointed," the Director of Finance concluded.