Coinbase has hired people who in their time led current Internet giants to success, enforcing its status among not only among the cryptocommunity but also the entire World Wide Web.

Speaking of new blood in the Coinbase ranks, let’s start with Ryan McGeehan.


Protecting the Rears

Ryan is the ex-Security Director of Facebook who is about to ensure that Coinbase and more than a million of its users' digital wallets are safe from hacking, fraud or any other kind of Bitcoin loss. The curious thing is that the team feels such a sense of responsibility (unlike Gox)  for the money that users entrust to them that they even asked Andreas Antonopoulos to check their system for loopholes after Mt.Gox (oh, there it is again) went out with a bang.

That time Andreas did not find any reason for Coinbase team to be concerned, but while hiring Ryan will not deepen the understanding of the security details, it will surely encourage people to deposit their money with the service.