Bitcoin Fun Fair is not your typical Bitcoin meetup or conference event where businesses and experts talk, “network” and exchange business cards. On the contrary, the Bitcoin Fun Fair, which will be held February 14-15 in Stockholm, Sweden, is open to all and will be the world’s largest Bitcoin marketplace, exhibition, music & arts event, deli, a theater as well as a tech show. But above all, it will be a great way to spend a February weekend immersed in a Bitcoiner’s paradise.

“There's so much focus in mainstream media about the big business, mining, exchange etc. and with all that has happened, people get scared away.”

- Gustav, Bitcoin Fun Fair Organizer

Unlike you run-of-the-mill Bitcoin conference, the event will focus on personal use instead of business as many of the attendees will be using and trying out cryptocurrency for the first time. The idea is to demonstrate to regular people, business owners, startups, and aspiring entrepreneurs that bitcoin is a fun, fast, and convenient tool for conducting economic transactions that is superior to the status quo in many ways.

The event organizers’ main theme of the event is to give visitors a sneak peak into the Bitcoin-facilitated world of frictionless peer-to-peer commerce that can potentially make the economy more inclusive regardless of a person’s political views, sex, social status, etc. “These days anyone can receive mobile payments without asking for permission. Bitcoin accepts you, whatever you want to do,” reads the official homepage of the event. “All you need to do is download an app to your phone.” 

Up-and-coming designers, entrepreneurs, innovative creators, and vintage shops, as well as event sponsors like Stockholm’s very own KnCMiner, will showcase their products as conventional and street art exhibits will also be on display. But more importantly, the venue will give people a chance to try out the novel and innovative currency, bitcoin.

 “Together with artists, DJs, musicians and other creative souls, we'll transform Kägelbanan in Stockholm into a magical ‘market from the future’ with dazzling colors, delicious food, interesting products, enchanting music and entertainment,” reads the official announcement. “Bring the kids too - among others things, Kids Hack Day will be at the venue and there will be a spot where they can have fun swapping or selling/buying stuff they bring, with each other.”

The list of participants includes:

Julia Frej, Prince Of Assyria, Elis Hoffman, Kids Hack Day, Lisa Wallert, Möbelparasiten, M.C.A, Nattskiftet, Tshirt Store, Veronika Larsson, Makerspark 3D, Ziggy, Make A Face, Designmarknad STHLM, Twang, Benjamin Curtis, Bitcenter, Agnes Fries, Lovely Lady Style, Josefina Malmegård, Ylva Maria Thompson, Pete & The Rose, Formpress Design, Cecilia Margareta, Emelie Forsmark,, Svenska Bitcoinföreningen, Simon Kraft, Klubb Karavan, Radio Rinkeby, BitcoinWomanMag, Larry Love, Daniel Savio, Dwellers, Sofia Runarsdotter, Magnus Villiam, Nio Fudo, Malin Berglund, SP1200 Orkestern, KnCMiner, Safello, and more

To encourage shopping at the event, visitors will be asked to exchange at least 100 SEK (or about US$12) to bitcoin to enter Bitcoin Fun Fair. Participants will have the option to shop for these, save them or exchange them back to another currency. And, of course, everyone will have the chance to top up their accounts with more bitcoin at the event from on-site BTMs.

Cointelegraph had the chance to speak with one of the organizers of Bitcoin Fun Fair, Gustav from The Forumist, who shared his thoughts with us on the significance of this event.

Cointelegraph: Why did you decide to organize this type of event? 

Bitcoin Fun Fair: We, as a couple of friends and bitcoin fans, got together a while back and discussed how we could help promoting bitcoin use in everyday life here in Stockholm. For us, the optimal use of bitcoin is among friends but also for young creative people trying to figure out how to start their business. So we thought the best way would be to create a get-together, an extremely ambitious workshop where we put new creative designers, musicians, illustrators and alike in a market setting.

CT: How is it different from the typical bitcoin conference?

BFF: The main difference, I think, is that this is not a conference. It's a real market hall and the idea is not really to inform about bitcoin but to actually put it to practical use in a local setting.

CT:  Do you think Bitcoin would become more popular if there are more of these consumer-oriented events?

BFF: Definitely, I think this is the key to make Bitcoin popular. There's so much focus in mainstream media about the big business, mining, exchange etc. and with all that has happened, people get scared away.

CT:  Will any other cryptocurrencies be represented or will you solely be focusing on Bitcoin?

BFF: Just bitcoin, it's important not to complicate things.

Bitcoin Funfair is organized by the magazine/communication agency, The Forumist, in collaboration with Bitcenter. For opening hours, location and other information, go to the official website:

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