The world’s most popular customer relationship management platform Salesforce has integrated Lition’s commercial blockchain technology.

Lition is one of the few public/private blockchains currently supported by a major cloud provider, Microsoft Azure.

According to Lition, integrating its blockchain will allow Salesforce to leverage data decentralization to make its CRM architecture more secure in the long run. It explained that: 

“Building a dependency upon data that is completely centralized creates operational risks. Extracting that data is not always guaranteed. A GDPR compliant blockchain is a great way to decentralize some of that dependency.”

App helps with data management

Lition’s technology will be available in an app on Salesforce’s cloud system. The app will enable more than 150,000 Salesforce users, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, to easily record, certify and protect important information in a confidential manner. Lition marketing manager Benni Woerpel told Cointelegraph that: 

“Lition’s blockchain is quite unique in this context  because it will provide a privacy-law compliant layer where forms can take advantage from the decentralized characteristics of blockchains.”

Salesforce was founded in 1999 and has been implementing new technologies such as cloud, internet of things, artificial intelligence, voice and blockchain to help companies to better connect with their customers.