British Virgin Islands, March 14, 2022 — The Aboard exchange is now live on Arbitrum One, making it the first order-book decentralized derivatives protocol on the Arbitrum mainnet. With its layer-2 solutions and the order-book mechanism, Aboard is becoming one of the most efficient exchanges that provides a smooth, perpetual trading experience with low slippage and low trading costs.

What is the Aboard protocol?

Aboard features an order-book derivatives exchange and advisory protocol and is designed to be a full-variety, efficient and multi-functional platform that brings centralized trading experiences into the decentralized finance (DeFi) world. It uses smart contracts to connect crypto investors with DeFi fund managers directly. The protocol will provide a platform for fund managers to create trading strategies and raise funds and goes live this year.

The key features of Aboard 

Aboard aims to provide a comprehensive trading experience. Key features of the exchange include a full suite of products, efficiency and professional functions. 

Aboard’s trading varieties include perpetual token futures, perpetual index futures, options, lending and more. The exchange currently offers six pairs of token perpetuals and one index perpetual for trading. 

Its token perpetuals include the following tokens paired with USD Coin (USDC): Aave, Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Chainlink (LINK), SushiSwap (SUSHI) and Uniswap (UNI). 

The index perpetual is LCIX and USDC, which tracks the performance of BTC, ETH and BNB. Aboard is currently the only decentralized derivatives exchange offering index perpetuals. This year Aboard will have matching derivatives and five indices: metaverse, infrastructure, DeFi, nonfungible token and public chain. Aboard will also launch various options products with fixed maturity.

Combining an order-book and L2-rollup solution allows Aboard to bootstrap market trading volume. The order book is more suitable for most quantitative strategies as automated market makers suffer from impermanent loss, slippage and low transaction speeds. Also, market makers and professional investors used to centralized exchanges (CEXs) will find it is easier to transfer to a decentralized order-book exchange. Aboard chose Arbitrum as its L2 solution because it can reduce trading costs by more than fifty-fold for most workloads and, more importantly, has a prosperous community that can bring considerable liquidity.

Aboard offers advanced order types and trading tools. Advanced order types include trailing-stop, snap and conditional orders, and more. The trading toolbox is designed with professional investors in mind. Aboard currently offers book traders and a trading API for centralized and traditional exchanges. Later this year, the exchange will roll out a series of once CEX-exclusive tools that include a risk controller, portfolio monitor and chart trader.

How Aboard is changing the future of crypto asset management 

In traditional finance, regulators structure funds with numerous parties and strict barriers to prevent moral hazards and other risks. Though effective in reducing risks, the system dramatically increases fund managers’ and investors’ time and financial costs.

To change this cumbersome practice, Aboard will launch an advisory protocol that uses smart contracts to connect crypto investors with DeFi fund managers directly. The protocol provides a platform for fund managers to create trading strategies and investors to pick strategies in a transparent and immutable way. 

Investors and fund managers can establish ties by e-signing an investment management agreement without third parties or paying a custody fee. Rather than dealing with multiple parties, the management team can now dedicate more time to developing and monitoring investment strategies. 

Since all terms are transparent and immutable, fund investors no longer need to worry about delusive legal terms or managers constantly updating words in their favor. Such a system will significantly improve efficiency in the asset management business.

About Aboard 

Aboard includes an order-book decentralized derivatives exchange and an advisory protocol. The exchange will bring a centralized trading experience into the DeFi world. The exchange currently has token and index perpetuals available. It will launch more derivative products, including index futures, options and more in the future. The protocol eliminates all intermediaries and directly ties crypto investors with fund managers in a trustless and transparent way.


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