Leading market maker goes public with the launch of Gotbit Foundation’s coin investment service.

Leading decentralized market maker Alexey Andryunin announced that he is planning on launching the Gotbit Foundation — a tailored platform designed to allow market enthusiasts and professionals to invest in a variety of digital currencies with high rates of return. 

The Gotbit Foundation is the brainchild of Andryunin and is intended to be a venture capital investment company focused on the long-term development of revolutionary decentralized projects, nurturing them from an idea to the liquid secondary market. The fund will be aimed at attracting investments in a variety of promising startups to provide them with the necessary launchpad and product fielding possibilities to ensure sustainable development and return generation for stakeholders. At present, the foundation operates solely in the European and American markets.

The launching company has been operating in the market for over five years as a market maker. Gotbit is recognized as the best market maker in the decentralized market and has been investing in projects in the early stages of development. Over the years of its operation, Gotbit has worked with over 600 projects and amassed a considerable amount of experience in decentralized market dynamics and mechanics. Andryunin is the CEO and managing partner of the foundation, leading enterprise goal setting and growth vectors for the successful attraction of investors and project selection.

The foundation invests in various promising digital coins at the early stages of their introduction in the market. Such an approach results in a win-win situation, whereby the project and all other early investors involved receive the benefits of product development in the long run. By wielding the largest market-making expertise in the crypto market, the foundation leads projects in the broader market after making entry into secondary exchanges with a subsequent competent exit for all participants in the early investment rounds.

The fund is largely aimed at making “smart money” by working with a list of carefully selected projects. The resources of the foundation are channeled to finalize and maintain promising projects, ensuring that all participants involved in the venture receive the benefits of a successfully implemented product or service vision upon its deployment on the market.

Among the exclusive products offered by the foundation is the function of investing and holding selected coins after their listing on digital currency exchanges. The function allows projects to continue their development and positions the Gotbit Foundation as an incubator of promising blockchain-based products and services.

The launch of the Gotbit Foundation is an important step in ensuring the continued growth of the decentralized market as selected startups will be able to receive multifaceted support and liquidity injections for ensuing development and market deployment.