Kanga Exchange is a Polish cryptocurrency exchange that differentiates itself in the European market by bringing innovative solutions to the blockchain industry. It is a rapidly growing system of fintech tools and services aimed at facilitating the adoption of cryptocurrencies in everyday life.

The founders of Kanga Exchange are experienced entrepreneurs with an extensive technology background. with many successful projects to their credit both in and outside the fintech industry. Their next creation is the Kanga Exchange cryptocurrency exchange. In the near future, the exchange's creators have historic events planned for the Kanga (KNG) token.


Kanga Exchange cryptocurrency exchange

Kanga Exchange is a multifunctional cryptocurrency platform. The exchange's core product is the spot market, where you will find some of the most popular cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency exchanges include popular and all-too-familiar stablecoins such as Tether (USDT) and USD Coin (USDC). Polish users of cryptocurrency exchanges have suffered from the lack of stablecoin reflecting the Polish zloty (PLN). The creators of the Kanga Exchange, however, came out to meet the expectations of their community. They created the stablecoin Omega PLN (oPLN), which reflects the 1:1 exchange rate of the zloty. Kanga team did not stop at this one stablecoin. Over time, they added Omega USD (oUSD), Omega Euro (oEUR), Omega GBP (oGBP) and Omega Dirhams (oAED) to its portfolio.

Biggest network of exchange points

The most important product in Kanga’s portfolio is undoubtedly their exchange points. Kanga is a leader in this market with more than 350 points throughout Europe and beyond. Kanga Exchange Points can be found in Poland, the Czech Republic and the United Arab Emirates. Kanga has also prepared another option for exchanging cryptocurrencies, namely Kanga Local. How does it work?

If someone wants to buy or sell cryptocurrencies then they can do it easily using the peer-to-peer network, 300 Kanga Local. Kanga Locals can be found in many countries including Poland, Germany, Bulgaria, Norway, Sweden and more. To do this, the easiest way is to visit the Polish version of the website. Here on the map, Locals can search for a green pin in our area and find the contact number to the Local who is available close by.

Kanga Exchange Points, on the other hand, is a network of stationery offices where you can buy or sell cryptocurrencies. You can use a special search box to easily and efficiently find stationary exchange points in a specific locality.

KNG token

The world’s leading exchanges, both centralized (CEX) and decentralized (DEX), are choosing to create their own tokens. Among the most popular are BNB (BNB), Crypto.com’s Cronos (CRO) and Uniswap (UNI). They are intended to bring specific solutions and bonuses to the exchange users. Kanga Exchange, having in mind the future of its exchange and its users, also created its exchange token called KNG.

KNG token has a supply limited to 21 million units, which corresponds to Bitcoin’s (BTC) maximum supply. The creators have made no secret of their inspiration from Bitcoin. Believing that just as BTC is the king of cryptocurrencies, KNG will become the king of European exchange tokens in the future. However, KNG is not only an exchange token, it is also a utility token, bringing a number of functions to exchange users.

Functionalities of KNG token

On Kanga Exchange, you will find many functionalities. For instance, if you have tokens, which price is too low to sell, you can always use the Dust Sweep function to swap them for KNG. The exchange also has a SWAP option, which allows community members to purchase tokens they are interested in without analyzing the chart and order book. SWAP is available even if there is no direct market between the tokens. On the exchange, users can also find a launchpad and staking — the possibilities of which are extended for community members staking KNG token.

Staking of KNG token

Kanga Exchange offers many opportunities to earn passive income. One of them is staking. However, KNG has a unique staking, as it has a special autotransfer system, so the daily rewards for staking are increased by a bonus that grows every day.

Autotransfer automatically transfers daily rewards for staking KNG tokens to the staking account. The most attractive benefit of autotransfer is the bonus to the reward that grows every day. For each day that autotransfer is active, the amount of your prize is increased by the current bonus value.

Preferential transaction commission rates

For KNG holders, developers have prepared a special functionality that has a real impact on saving when making transactions on Kanga Exchange. It is worth noting that these lower rates apply to makers. For staking KNG, makers have a lower commission.

Priority on the launchpad

The developers have prepared one more bonus for those staking KNG, which has a very big impact on how their launchpad works. KNG holders have the opportunity to take part in auctions before the IEO to guarantee the purchase of tokens at favorable conditions.

With this arrangement, KNG holders are rewarded for their loyalty to the project. It gives them the opportunity to get the tokens they are interested in before the whole community and in better conditions.


Kanga Exchange has enormous plans for the end of November. The developers are planning events that will be historic for the European cryptocurrency exchange market.

On Nov. 29, there will be a unique initial exchange offer (IEO) of KNG tokens. The project’s community will receive a special offer to purchase tokens. Creators provide a specially prepared mechanism to protect the token from dumping while pointing out that it will be very beneficial to buyers. More details will be announced by the developers soon.

The result of this IEO will be a historic buyback.

Kanga is the first in Europe to plan to perform a buyback of its tokens worth a minimum of $1 million. The entire buyback will be conducted openly and everyone will have the opportunity to follow it live.

There will be more news in connection with this special event. Among other things, what will happen to the purchased tokens and the price of the tokens during the IEO. To make sure you do not miss the latest news, check Kanga Exchange’s social media.