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Blockchains are the critical infrastructure underlying cryptocurrencies. The common feature of these distributed ledgers is the sequential updating of a cryptographically secure, verifiable transaction record among a network of peers all operating under a certain set of rules enforced through the software itself. This record is owned and operated in common by anyone anywhere. 

While research in shared ledger technology goes back decades, the arrival of the Bitcoin blockchain introduced the first distributed ledger technology that was thoroughly decentralized and resistant to censorship, seizure and collusion. 

Blockchain technology, in its various manifestations including the Ethereum blockchain and others, is ultimately a global consensus system — i.e., it allows people to coordinate and cooperate around a neutral source of information without trusting each other or a central administrator. The use cases are wide-ranging, from finance and energy trading to supply chain management. 

At Cointelegraph, we are chronicling the evolving blockchain industry. Is it revolutionary or overhyped? Or both? Will it become the solution to securing trust in finance and global trade? What will be the rate of blockchain transactions in the coming years?

Stay tuned to find out.

Livepeer’s $20-million Series B funding round saw participation from large VCs, including Coinbase Ventures, CoinFund, Northzone, 6th Man Ventures and Animal Ve...
Coinbase Ventures backs Ethereum-based streaming network
Arijit Sarkar
Inflated valuations for crypto businesses have raised the bar for small investors to participate in the ongoing innovation.
Large VCs are sidelining smaller crypto investors, PwC crypto lead says
Arijit Sarkar
Use Case
DeFi brings an opportunity to access the yields unseen in traditional finance, now with the competitive risk levels.
How yield farming on decentralized exchanges can become less risky
Chris Jones
A five-star event will see participants take part in a five-day supercar rally across Europe that’s complete with parties, five-star dining and talks from top c...
Parties, crypto talks and supercars all part of this five-day luxury rally across Europe
Chris Jones
Users of the Synthetix-based Thales platform can now bet on the outcome of Olympic events.
Synthetix turns on layer-two alpha, launches Olympics betting on options platform
Martin Young
A blockchain network has launched a messaging service that offers military-grade encryption to ensure user data is private and secure.
After launching DApp to rival WhatsApp, blockchain wants to take on Instagram
Chris Jones
The fund will greatly expand to cover all aspects of digital currency while also working with related financial institutions.
IMF intends to 'ramp up' digital currency monitoring
Max Moeller
“Stablecoin experimentation is happening in real-time with billions of dollars at stake in this vast permissionless lab we call DeFi,” reads a new research repo...
Algorithmic stablecoins show promise of reducing volatility — ShapeShift
Sam Bourgi

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