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  • Can Cryptosigma do for Consumers What BitPay did for Bitcoin Merchants?

    by Allen Scott

    Singapore-based Bitcoin exchange Cryptosigma has developed multi-signature desktop and mobile wallets that are set to ease users’ fears common at this stage of development in cryptocurrency. Many customers are still hesitant to use bitcoins because they are afraid of losing out on transaction fees and price fluctuations while selling in and out of the still-volatile digital money.

  • Why Cryptosigma May Have Just Solved Two of Bitcoin’s Biggest Problems

    by Allen Scott

    In the wake of such public image setbacks as the Mt. Gox heist and the incessant security threats testing the Bitcoin space, more and more exchanges (Bitstamp, Huobi, etc.) are increasingly implementing multisignature security in their wallets. The addition promises greater protection of funds by removing centralized points of failure due to the traditional custodial account model.

  • Cryptosigma

    by Cointelegraph

    Cryptosigma is a Bitcoin exchange platform and mobile wallet app that seeks to transform the experience of the digital currency world for users in South East Asia and beyond