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Although the crypto space commonly uses the term, many folks may still wonder, “What is fiat money?” The fiat definition is fairly straightforward: Fiat money, also called fiat currency, refers to currencies put out by governing bodies and central banks. Fiat money examples include the U.S. dollar, the Chinese yuan and the Mexican peso. Governments control fiat, meaning it is a centralized form of money tied to the borders of each respective country, for the most part. 

Different in its design and control, Bitcoin (BTC) is not a fiat currency. Bitcoin is borderless and decentralized, and governments neither issue nor control it. In general, cryptocurrencies are not fiat currencies, although some stablecoin assets represent certain fiat currencies in digital form.

Market Analysis
The price of Bitcoin can fall to $15,000 in 2023 if its strengthening correlation with certain macro charts is any indication.
4 alarming charts for Bitcoin bulls as $27K becomes formidable hurdle
Yashu Gola
Investing in assets "outside of the traditional financial system” is the only way to preserve one’s wealth, according to the former BitMEX CEO.
The average person’s wealth will be 'completely destroyed by inflation,' says Arthur Hayes
Marco Castrovilli
Ethereum Name Service has integrated fiat payment options for new decentralized domain registrations in a new partnership with MoonPay.
Ethereum Name Service adds fiat payments for ENS domain registrations
Gareth Jenkinson
The crypto industry needs to prepare for increasing government pressure as it ramps up its challenge to state monopoly over money, says ShapeShift CEO Erik Voor...
Fight between crypto and governments “just getting started,” says ShapeShift CEO
Marco Castrovilli
How to
With the fall of P2P exchanges like Paxful and LocalBitcoins, the question of how to buy or sell crypto without using CEXs is a pertinent one.
How to buy or sell Bitcoin without using a centralized crypto exchange?
Helen Partz
The new feature will allow users to purchase cryptocurrencies using various payment methods, such as debit or credit cards, PayPal, bank transfers and instant A...
MetaMask launches new fiat purchase function for cryptocurrency
Judith BannermanQuist
Market Analysis
Bitcoin’s price in 2023 is mirroring a 2015 fractal that saw BTC price doubling from $350 to $700 in seven months.
Historical Bitcoin price fractal hints at rally toward $50K
Yashu Gola
Binance.US said it temporarily disabled the one-click buy-sell option for BUSD stablecoin pairs after halting Apple Pay and Google Pay deposits.
BUSD deposits and withdrawals via OCBS suspended on Binance.US
Helen Partz

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