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Fiat money is an assent without intrinsic value that is established as money by government regulation. Fiat money is worth something only while the government maintains it. Monetary economists define fiat money as an intrinsically-valueless object that is widely accepted as a means of payment. Fiat money is mostly under the jurisdiction of central banks that are the issuers of new currency while also being its main regulator. Fiat money is not necessarily a physical asset. Today most of the value of fiat money is stored in digital form. The supply of fiat currency is one of the most important macroeconomic tools for monetary authorities to manage inflation, stimulate intensive economic growth, and reduce unemployment. The purchasing power of fiat money is glued to the state’s authority and any damage to that authority leads to a decrease of fiat money’s value and results in inflation.

Markets News
Charts show a pleasing correlation between central bank Coronavirus fallout and Bitcoin returns, with anticipation building around an investor influx.
Bitcoin Price Rises in Tandem With Central Banks’ Balance Sheets — Data
William Suberg
Bitcoin is one of the few ways to move an entire fortune abroad, Bitcoin bull Max Keiser says.
‘Capital Flight out of Asia Is Taking Bitcoin Express’ Says Max Keiser
Helen Partz
Markets News
Coronavirus stimulus failures show just how irrelevant the dollar supply has become and this “a wakeup call” for those not looking at Bitcoin, Cameron Winklevos...
Winklevoss: US Dollar Is Now a ‘Funny Money’ Endorsement of Bitcoin
William Suberg
Markets News
As the Turkish lira hits record lows despite foreign reserve selling, Steve Hanke says that only a “gold-backed currency board” can save the economy.
Bitcoin Price Hits New All-Time High Against Turkish Lira
William Suberg
This crypto exhibits no correlation with Bitcoin; it was designed to behave differently from every other currency — crypto or fiat, with a money supply that exp...
This Coin’s Supply Goes Up as Its Price Rises
Michael Kapilkov
Opera users in the United Kingdom can now purchase cryptocurrency directly via bank accounts or digital banking app Revolut.
Opera Expands Crypto Wallet Top-Ups to the UK
Helen Partz
The World Stablecoin Association aims to unite major global stablecoin projects like Tether and USDC.
World Stablecoin Association Launches in Switzerland
Helen Partz
Markets News
The world is headed for special drawing rights with gold participating, but not a return to the gold standard, the trader says.
World Will Not Adopt a Bitcoin or Gold Standard, Says Peter Brandt
William Suberg

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