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An initial coin offering, or ICO, is a controversial fundraising method for launching blockchain and cryptocurrency networks that involves the sale and distribution of a new crypto asset in exchange for other tokens, commonly Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH). 

During the “ICO mania” of 2017 to 2018, projects collectively raised billions of dollars in capital, largely through nonaccredited investors. 

This funding method has since lost most of its legitimacy, both inside and outside the industry. Many ICOs were clearly frauds or, at best, operating in regulatory gray areas. Over the past few years, regulatory agencies such as the United States Securities and Exchange Commission,or SEC, have brought legal action to past and present ICOs, slowly creating legal precedent and guidelines for future ventures. 

While the ICO is now a precarious fundraising method for projects and investors alike, it did showcase a powerful use case of blockchain in permissionless fundraising at incredible scale. Over time, the launch methods of cryptocurrency networks will become more sophisticated, safe and, perhaps, regulatorily sound. 

Altcoin Watch
CSPR appears to be following DOT’s route to success as its IOU token latched on to the bull market’s momentum and rallied 2,300% before it's even listed on majo...
2 reasons why Casper (CSPR) IOU token rallied 2,300% in one week
Jordan Finneseth
Black sheep and white papers: In order to achieve what it promises, the crypto revolution must be led by scientists and researchers.
The new digital, decentralized economy needs academic validation
Serguei Popov
Altcoin Watch
Solana price is pushing toward new highs as an increasing number of DApps, DeFi projects and stablecoins build platforms on the network.
Solana (SOL) hits new highs as DApps, DeFi and stablecoins join the network
Jordan Finneseth
An ICO fraudster spent more than $7 million in fraudulently obtained COVID relief on luxury personal expenses, including a Rolex, a luxury apartment and a new M...
ICO fraudster pleads guilty to $7M COVID-relief loan scam
Brian Quarmby
The new BOSON token will enable users to access the decentralized commerce ecosystem. The project has so far raised $36 million through public and private sales...
Boson Protocol raises $25.8M via public token sale
Sam Bourgi
As Ripple fends off SEC lawyers, XRP enjoys an explosive weekend pump.
Ripple becomes tidal wave, leads weekend pump and notches legal victories
Andrew Thurman
A Polkadot project says the crypto world is too reliant on humans having to trust other humans and has built a transparent, trustless model for distributing tok...
‘No more rug pulls’: Project eliminates human involvement from token distributions
Connor Sephton
Hat voucher tokens are now going for as much as $3,700 in a joke sale that got out of hand.
April greater fools: Apes pile into ‘joke’ hat voucher Unisock clone
Andrew Thurman

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