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India, or Republic of India, is a federal state in South Asia. It is the second-largest country by population after China and the seventh-largest by territory in the world. India has a developing mixed economy, which is the world’s sixth largest in terms of nominal GDP. In India, cryptocurrency payments are becoming more and more popular among its citizens. Currently, the government is developing regulations for operations related to virtual currencies. It is aimed to protect investors and users, prevent money laundering, control the taxation of transactions, etc. Besides that, according to the Indian Minister of Finance, the authorities are concerned about digital currencies’ volatility and anonymity and are considering banning all payments in cryptocurrency. Nevertheless, the future of using cryptocurrency in India remains uncertain.
The Supreme Court of India has chosen to delay its full hearing of a high-profile case against the Reserve Bank of India’s ban on banks’ dealings with crypto-re...
Indian Supreme Court Delays Hearing on Crypto Ban, Expects Slew of Comments
Marie Huillet
New Year Special
An overview of the stances of China, Russia, India and the developing world toward crypto regulation in 2019.
2019 to 2020: Insiders, Outsiders and Experimenters in Crypto Regulation, Part 2
Zachary Kelman
Follow up
Permissioned blockchain platform Vajra developed by National Payment Corporation of India is set to change the local industry.
India's Payments Platform Vajra Gets the Blockchain Ball Rolling
Vireshwar Tomar
Thailand, one of the most-visited countries in the world, will soon apply blockchain to its Electronic Visa On Arrival.
Thailand Integrates Blockchain to E-Visa System for Higher Security
Helen Partz
Here’s everything you wanted to know about how the Indian government addresses cryptocurrency.
India’s Income Tax Department Is Secretly Training Its Officials to Investigate Cryptocurrencies
Vireshwar Tomar
Use Case
Some worry regulation will ruin crypto, others fear the industry will collapse without it. Who’s right, and what’s the way forward?
Crypto Regulation: Is It Good or Bad for the Industry?
Connor Blenkinsop
ConsenSys founder Joseph Lubin has reportedly informed teams in India and the Philippines that their offices would be closing down.
ConsenSys Is Shutting Down Offices in India and the Philippines
Joeri Cant
Hodler’s Digest
Upbit confirms 342,000 ETH has been stolen, Russia considers a ban on crypto payments, and five crypto exchanges close in China.
$50M of ETH Stolen, ‘Rare Opportunity’ for BTC: Hodler’s Digest, Nov. 25–Dec. 1
Thomas Simms

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