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Media is an essential part of the cryptocurrency industry and its impact on cryptocurrency is hard to overestimate. Bitcoin, in its early stages, was only discussed and promoted on social media platforms. Bitcoin on social media helped to establish initial users and enthusiasts, increasing its coverage in simple conversations and expanding the audience. But the real drivers of Bitcoin’s popularity has been the mainstream media, which detected the growing price of Bitcoin and the development of the cryptocurrency market, thus drawing the attention of the masses to this newly appeared phenomenon. Today, there is a lot of cryptocurrency media that professionally covers all the important events, news and technologies inside the world of blockchain, attracting new audiences and helping various cryptocurrency users stay in touch with the progress of the cryptocurrency industry.

A bizarre tale about Carl ‘The Moon” Runefelt asking Cointelegraph to revise history on his behalf by concealing old claims that he co-founded a crypto app.
The story of a crypto influencer’s attempt to bend reality
Elias Ahonen
Follow up
Media companies have been trying to navigate the rapid emergence of AI, with many banning its usage internally and others choosing to embrace it.
Media companies grapple with AI both inside and outside newsrooms
Savannah Fortis
Estimates of staffers facing the axe range from 45% (20 people) to 16%. A companywide meeting is reportedly scheduled for Aug. 14.
CoinDesk to lay off part of editorial staff in preparation for sale of stake: Report
Derek Andersen
The media outlet claimed the public and press had a right to receive information on a “central participant in a financial scheme that defrauded investors of bil...
NY Times defends article on Caroline Ellison: The public has a ‘legitimate interest’
Turner Wright
The proposal followed a complaint filed by U.S. authorities alleging Sam Bankman-Fried had leaked Caroline Ellison’s private journals in an attempt to interfere...
Proposed gag order in SBF’s criminal case under review, citing attempt to ‘influence public opinion’
Turner Wright
СT Accelerator
ReadON aims to utilize blockchain technology to solve age-old Web2 content issues while giving back control to users.
Unlocking potential for Web3 creators: ReadON joins Cointelegraph Accelerator
Cointelegraph Accelerator
The rumors, which have set Crypto Twitter ablaze, are the latest example of AI disinformation at work.
AI-generated fake news sparks rumors of Gary Gensler’s resignation
Tom Mitchelhill
Television will no longer be a one-way street but a dynamic and immersive experience that reflects users’ desires and interests.
How blockchain is reshaping the entertainment industry — Q&A with EarnTV
Hristina Yordanova

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