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What are NFTs? NFTs explained in brief: Nonfungible tokens, or NFTs, are verifiably unique representations of digital and physical goods. Each NFT generally differs in makeup, and therefore likely differs in value as well. 

In the physical world, U.S. dollars are fungible. No value is forfeited if a person trades any given paper U.S. dollar for a different paper U.S. dollar. On the other hand, something such as artwork is generally nonfungible. The “Mona Lisa” is not of equal value to “The Persistence of Memory,” as both artworks are unique, deriving value as such. 

Based on distributed ledger technology, NFT crypto assets serve as a method of authentication for buyers of unique items, proving aspects such as ownership. NFTs became much more well known in 2020 and 2021. NFTs have potential for other use cases as well, such as companies tracking their internal resources or platforms verifying subscriptions and use.

Altcoin Watch
A listing at Coinbase and the upcoming sale of the first real estate NFT in the U.S. appear to be providing a boost to PRO price.
Propy rallies 227% as real estate NFTs become reality and PRO lists at Coinbase
Jordan Finneseth
Altcoin Watch
Strong fundamentals, an influx of new users and a recently launched $300 million developer incentive are just a few reasons why ONE price is chasing a new all-t...
3 reasons why Harmony (ONE) rallied back to its all-time high this week
Jordan Finneseth
NFT art created by AI algorithms brings new meaning to nonfungible tokens, but can artificial intelligence be trusted to produce a new genre of art?
AI-generative art predicted to be next trend for NFT sector
Rachel Wolfson
Ghozali spent five years clicking selfies in front of his computer, which was later converted into NFTs and uploaded to OpenSea in December 2021.
An Indonesian 22-year-old makes $1M by selling NFT selfies on OpenSea
Arijit Sarkar
Gen Z and growing interest throughout Asia have helped NFTs to shine brightly amidst volatility, according to a report from DappRadar.
NFT sales and blockchain games continue to grow despite the recent market slump: Report
Griffin Shenkel
The WTF token airdrop got off to a wild launch. Users reportedly lost thousands of dollars, while one bot disappeared with 58 ETH.
Battle of the bots: WTF token launch drains 58 ETH
Joseph Hall
“One of the most powerful things that tokenization does is release the energy of fans into tangible forms of value and meaning, we see this effect in NFTs and a...
Fan Controlled Football raises $40M to expand league with Bored Apes and Gutter Cats
Brian Quarmby
Apple is reportedly looking at AR over the Metaverse, and Artemis has launched a mobile-based social media NFT platform.
Nifty News: Mike Tyson loves Solana, Aoki stops show to flaunt NFT, Apple and the ‘AR Verse’
Brian Quarmby

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