Ronny Boesing News

Ronny Boesing is the CEO of CCEDK ApS, an online cryptocurrency exchange platform; co-owner and founder of OpenLedger ApS, a Danish blockchain-based conglomerate; and co-owner and CEO of GetGame, a profit-driven gaming platform. Besides that, Ronny Boesing is the former CEO of CoinsBank LP, company developing solutions for cryptoindustry. Ronny Boesling Bitcoin’s involvement started in 2014, when he became the CEO of CCEDK. Ronny Boesing holds a bachelor’s degree in export and technology management from the University College of Northern Denmark. Before he became a crypto entrepreneur and innovator in tech startups, he had been selling video games and CDs. Besides that, he has 25 years of experience in the music industry, which entails distribution, wholesaling, mail orders, etc.