Originally known as Bit-X, CoinsBank is set for its first Blockchain Party, which will be held on October 6 - 9 2016 in Belek, Turkey.

Speaking to Cointelegraph, the CEO at CoinsBank Exchange LP, Ronny Boesing describes the event as a platform which is designed to connect people with the aim of changing the world with Blockchain technology.

Maiden event of the new brand

According to Boesing, Blockchain Party is the first event organised by his company since it was launched officially in connection with the EuropeMoney20/20 which took place in Copenhagen earlier this year.

CoinsBank sponsored EuropeMoney20/20. The company provided gift box sets which contained debit cards ready for activation, 0.1 BTC gift certificate and a special invitation and gift of guests at EuropeMoney20/20.

Boesing explains to Cointelegraph:

“The company had existed a couple of years already as the company Bit-x, it was, however, the time to do a name change and as such a re-branding supported with the necessary trademarks allowing us to stand out strongly and independently from any other companies in this industry.

CoinsBank is, in short, a universal crypto solution and service which is intended to break down entry barriers to digital money and offer use cases across the board for merchants and consumers”.

Networking to mainstream

The theme for this year’s Blockchain Party is “by connecting people bringing Blockchain tech to mainstream adoption”.

Boesing says that CoinsBank believes that true progress and mass adoption of Blockchain technology will only come from co-operation.

The main topics to be covered at this event include: “Current issues facing blockchain technology”; “Banks’ concerns around Bitcoin and Blockchain”; “Current trends in broader technology (Big Data, Internet-of-Things)”; “Security and regulation”; “Blockchain-based government”; “What’s new? (Smart contracts, Segregated Witness)”.

Main reasons to come

Boesing also explains that this is meant to be an ongoing event allowing constant growth in terms of the services that CoinsBank provides, as well as the idea of learning from these events and contributing to the overall mainstream adoption to the world of crypto and Blockchain.

He says to Cointelegraph:

"We believe that the most important co-operation results not from office interactions but arise in informal atmosphere. That is why the Coinsbank team has decided to organize the biggest Blockchain Party ever. The impact of business and holiday clarity will co-exist in the most significant event of the year."

The programme of the event includes a lot of pleasant elements which actually makes this not only a business event, but also a top-notch party:

  • Opulent ultra-all inclusive: it means that you just need to buy a ticket, come to the Gloria serenity resort and enjoy 3 days of business, fun and networking.
  • Highest level of service: VIP transfers will transport every guest from the airport directly to the hotel and back, a personal manager will assist every guest for any question, full security guaranteed to all the guests of the Blockchain party.
  • The most unique program ever: welcome cocktail party, gala dinner, main party with a great show, world-known DJs and artists.
  • Trendsetters party: representatives of top companies and the finest minds will come together to change the world in the Blockchain way.

Boesing concludes about Blockchain party:

“I think personally this event is a great way to connecting people, networking in environments normally meant for the few due to its exclusive surroundings. I hope many people will take this opportunity to meet and build strong future connections with the overall idea of only through co-operation comes great results.”

Follow the link to be part of the CoinsBank Blockchain Summit 2016 and get a 10% discount on all tickets.

ATTENTION! The number of admissions for participation is LIMITED. Deadline for application filing is September 1, 2016