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What is Tether? The Tether definition is fairly simple. Tether (USDT) is a stablecoin cryptocurrency, with each token aimed at tracking the value of 1 U.S. dollar. Assets pegged to the value of national currencies (fiat currencies) are called stablecoins. Participants can sell other cryptocurrencies for USDT to protect against volatility while maintaining the ability to send the asset to personal wallets or storage. Ethereum, as well as other blockchains, host USDT.  

Trading a Bitcoin/Tether, or BTC/USDT, pair is an option on some crypto exchanges or platforms. Cointelegraph’s Tether Price Index shows various data on the asset, including its market cap, along with its price, which should remain close in value to the U.S. dollar.

Paolo Ardoino alleged some hedge funds are trying to create pressure “in the billions” to “harm Tether liquidity” so that they can eventually buy back tokens at...
Tether CTO refutes stablecoin FUD as short-sellers circle
Felix Ng
Tether expects to be part of industry innovation in the United Kingdom as the country is planning to adopt stablecoins as a means of payment.
Tether to launch GBPT stablecoin pegged to British pound sterling
Helen Partz
On the Ethereum network, USDC’s real volume has nearly doubled that of USDT in the past 24 hours, which could be another sign that the top stablecoin’s dominanc...
USDC’s ‘real volume’ flips Tether on Ethereum as total supply hits 55.9B
Brian Newar
It has been a chaotic week for digital assets. Two firms may be inching closer to insolvency while Coinbase, one of the largest crypto exchanges, laid off almos...
Crypto Biz: Crypto carnage pushes Celsius, Three Arrows Capital closer to insolvency, June 9-16
Sam Bourgi
Market Analysis
BTC and altcoins could continue to see selling, but a positive is that traders took shelter in stablecoins instead of completely exiting the crypto market.
Market selling might ease, but traders are on the sidelines until BTC confirms $20K as support
Marcel Pechman
Amid Tether losing market share over the past few weeks, the Circle-backed USDC stablecoin has been growing notably, with the market value surging to $55 billio...
Tether's USDT market cap dips below $70B for an 8-month low
Helen Partz
No user funds have been affected by the exploit, but Inverse Finance has incurred debt and offered the attacker a bounty to return the stolen funds.
Inverse Finance exploited again for $1.2M in flash loan oracle attack
Jesse Coghlan
A separate graph also saw USDC and BUSD supply drop sharply in May, however both have since rebounded and are close to being back to their respective all-time h...
Total supply of stablecoins dropped sharply for first time ever in Q2
Brian Quarmby

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