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Tether is a cryptocurrency token that claims be backed by 1 dollar for each token issued. Tether may be explained as a hybrid between a cryptocurrency and fiat money, as its “tethered” to the value of fiat currencies. Tether usually uses a USDT currency, which is supposed to be worth exactly what USD is worth at the same period of time.  

Tether can’t be an investment because the US dollar’s price is decreasing over time due to inflation, but neither it can be a speculative interest, because it most certainly would be around the same price for a long time.

Still, there are a few things about Tether that make it very suitable for crypto investors to use. Tether transactions mostly take a few minutes to complete, Tether charges no transaction fees for moving funds between Tether wallets, and it is a stable and fast resource to cash out and cash in when there is a difficult situation in the market.   

Of the 450 million new USDT tokens, more than 185 million have been distributed, with 126.9 million USDT going to Binance alone
Almost half a billion USDT minted in past 36 hours as Bitcoin rallies
Joshua Mapperson
Tether accounts for a huge percentage of transactions and is taking on Bitcoin and Ethereum in a variety of ways
Tether volume hits $600B as it attempts to take on Bitcoin as crypto’s benchmark
Martin Young
Market Analysis
Tether’s USDT stablecoin dominates crypto market volumes but data shows its $15.7B market cap does not negatively impact Bitcoin’s volume.
Bitcoin volume unaffected by Tether’s (USDT) market dominance — Data shows
Marcel Pechman
Expect Bitcoin in the number one spot and Tether second by market capitalization before 2022.
Tether's market cap could overtake Ethereum’s next year — Bloomberg report
Turner Wright
Skyrocketing figures show crypto’s growing global dominance.Skyrocketing figures show crypto’s growing global dominance
100M people worldwide now use crypto-based assets, says Cambridge study
Felipe Erazo
Tether supply surges to $15 billion but it could still be a house of cards
Tether market cap increases almost 4X in 2020 to $15 billion
Martin Young
According to senior commodity strategist at Bloomberrg Mike McGlone, Bitcoin’s limited supply and increasing adoption will lead to steady, although gradual, app...
Bitcoin will continue appreciating, although at a slower pace than in the past, Bloomberg analyst explains
Marco Castrovilli
Markets News
The rapidly growing market cap of Binance’s BUSD stablecoin shows the exchange is taking serious steps to become a major DeFi contender.
Record $113M BUSD stablecoin inflow shows Binance is serious about DeFi
António Madeira

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