Yandex News

Yandex is a Russian multinational information technology company that was founded by Arkady Volozh in 1997 and is headquartered in Moscow, Russia. Yandex is the largest IT enterprise in Russia and is the producer of Russia’s largest search engine. Yandex has offices worldwide, including a presence in Silicon Valley, Switzerland, Berlin and Shanghai. Yandex has launched such services as Yandex.Browser, Yandex.Maps, Yandex.Taxi, Yandex.Music and Yandex.Money, alongside many other products. The company is currently working on AI development, e-commerce, navigation and online advertising. Yandex.Money is a popular online payment service in post-CIS countries. It is quite common to buy Bitcoin with Yandex.Money in Russia. Most Russian-oriented cryptocurrency exchanges allow the usage of Yandex.Money for Bitcoin purchasing.