Angus Leung

Angus is a writer and Bitcoin enthusiast looking for the next big thing. He writes mainly about tech, the world implementing blockchain and the world of business.

AUG 16, 2017

Bitcoin as a Commodity is Great for Traders, Not so Great for Investors

JUL 14, 2017

How Blockchain Gaming Is Evolving The Way Games Are Played

DEC 30, 2016

John McAfee to Make Email Systems Great Again With Blockchain

DEC 12, 2016

“Earn Bitcoin” Searches Reach All-time High, Most Come From US, India, Philippines

DEC 04, 2016

Malta Stock Exchange Plans First Blockchain Application, Establishes Own Consortium

NOV 17, 2016

Bitcoin on Boulevard: 25 Shops in Paris Ready to Accept Bitcoin For Payment

NOV 14, 2016

Singapore’s Central Bank Pairs Up With R3 to Create Blockchain R&D Center

NOV 13, 2016

Chinese E-Insurance Company, Partners With Ethereum for Blockchain Insurance Platform

NOV 07, 2016

Time-Based Cryptocurrency: Utopia or Uber-like Labour Market Game Changer?

NOV 04, 2016

Myanmar Could Become Home to Blockchain Stock Exchange, Daiwa and YSX Test Platform

OCT 31, 2016

US Clients of Swiss Banks May Turn to Bitcoin As Swiss Stop Accepting US Clients

OCT 30, 2016

Steemit Exceeds 100K Users, Plans to Expand Saving Steem

OCT 26, 2016

Funderbeam to Build Blockchain-based Stock Exchange for Startups, Raises $ 2.6Mln

OCT 16, 2016

Online Platform Ask The Doctor Adds Bitcoin to Payment Options to Protect Privacy

OCT 14, 2016

Norway To Withdraw $15 Bln From Its Wealth Fund, Can Put Bitcoin in Portfolio in Future