Angus Leung

Angus is a writer and Bitcoin enthusiast looking for the next big thing. He writes mainly about tech, the world implementing blockchain and the world of business.

APR 11, 2016

Cloud Storage Goes Mainstream: Storj Launches Beta Joining Azure BaaS

APR 17, 2016

WAVES Token Platform Raised 5000 BTC in First Week of ICO

APR 19, 2016

Shapeshift Rebuilds After Losing $230,000, Promised to Be Back Wednesday

APR 27, 2016

Stellar Offers Lumens to Bitcoin Holders, Except in Countries on US Sanctions List

MAY 19, 2016

Blockchain Gets Ready for Thunder Network, Transactions Ultra Cheap

MAY 25, 2016 Fights for Its Share in E-Commerce, Launches Pre-Order Service

JUL 04, 2016

Kraken Acquires Dutch Bitcoin Exchange CleverCoin

JUL 18, 2016

ThoughtMachine Released Vault OS, Blockchain-Based Operating System for Banking

JUL 18, 2016

UK Blockchain Company Hits £100,000 Investment via Bitcoin

JUL 18, 2016

Fintech Startup Linked to Pre-Paid Master Card Raises Over £7.75 mln

JUL 21, 2016

Rakuten Sizes Up BitNet To Build Blockchain-Based Loyalty Program

JUL 31, 2016

Fintech Startup N26 Receives EU Banking License, Launches Investment Product

AUG 04, 2016

DECENT Blockchain Content Distribution Network Announces ICO

AUG 11, 2016

$1.6Mln Bitcoin Auctioned Off in US: Will Bitcoin Price Increase?

AUG 14, 2016

Easy Money: Finova Financial to Launch First All-Digital Lending Platform