The popular meme known as Pepe the Frog is gradually becoming a tradeable CounterParty asset through the Bitcoin Blockchain known as Rare Pepes, they are created with pictures of Pepe and are held in the Rare Pepe Wallet. Rare Pepe cards can be transferred like cards through the browser-based wallet.

Rare Pepe cards

According to, each card design has to be voted by the Rare Pepe Foundation which issues all Rare Pepe card XCP assets. The Foundation is there to ensure the card images are dank and relate to Bitcoin or cryptocurrency in general. Once approved, the cards are connected to the asset and placed in the Rare Pepe Directory. Also, the cards contain card stats and rarity which can influence their value heavily for hard-core meme enthusiasts and asset holders.

My Rare Pepe founder(s) writes on their website:

“We at My Rare Pepe are dedicated to bringing you the most rare and most beautiful Pepe cards on the internet.”

Till date, 5 Rare Pepe cards have been released including Pepe Cash card and Rare Trump Pepe. In addition, the asset is using the token symbol “RARE PEPE” with 1 bln created for early investors and giveaways.

Rare Pepe also has its own telegram channel to discuss the Foundation and the cards themselves. They can even share their Pepe artwork and future developments for the XCP asset.

“For years people have been trying to find a way to make their Rare Pepes truly rare. Now, thanks to Bitcoin and Counterparty, Pepes can be tradeable and can actually have value.”

The cards themselves are using the token known as “Pepe Cash” (PEPECASH) and has a market cap of $56,634.

Next generation memes

With Pepe memes being pushed onto the Bitcoin Blockchain, it is very likely that Blockchain media platforms will be the next big trend. People are already using Steemit, Synereo and LBRY to publish their content. Decent as well is partnering with publishers with the promise of security and freedom.   

Billybob2014 states in the Rare Pepe announcement on BitcoinTalk:

“For years people have been trying to create Rare Pepes and make sure no one can steal them.”

Meme Altcoins

Dogecoin, was officially the first meme coin to take the internet by storm in 2013 but now, the world has partially moved on. Nowadays, there are several meme-related coins that are attempting to take Dogecoin’s place including Pepecoin and Memecoin but none have skyrocketed. While Altcoin markets are continuing their positive trends, they are also gaining more popularity.

According to CoinMarketCap, Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency in existence and there are some uneasy questions about the majority of Altcoins. By 2014, Dogecoin had lost a lot of its $87m market cap and with further inflation, it is currently resting at $24.4 million.