Iyke Aru

Iyke Aru is an author who writes about Bitcoin in Nigeria and Africa in general, an easy going fellow and an enthusiastic entrepreneur. Iyke is an 'out-of-the-box' thinker who likes to always ‘get the job done’. Iyke spends his free time watching or playing footbal.

JAN 31, 2018

Blockchain Platform to Offer Effective Identity Management and Enhance KYC Procedures

JAN 23, 2018

A New Decentralized Platform Helps Investors Enter the Over-the-Counter Ecosystem

JAN 18, 2018

Gaming Blockchain Platform Helps Investors Find Best Project to Invest in

JAN 17, 2018

New Blockchain-based Platform Pays For Watching Videos and Provides Advanced Metrics For Filmmakers

JAN 15, 2018

As Critical Elections Approach, African Youths Gaining Political Voice Through Blockchain

JAN 13, 2018

Blockchain Platform Makes Internet Service More Private and Affordable

JAN 13, 2018

Blockchain in Logistics Industry Will Improve Transparency, Enhance Process Accountability

JAN 10, 2018

Using Blockchain Technology to Enhance Location-Based Advertising

JAN 09, 2018

Blockchain Bridges Gap Between App Developers and Users in a Trustworthy and Open Market

DEC 29, 2017

Evan Luthra: Digital Assets Investment is Not For Everyone

DEC 21, 2017

While Bitcoin Price Soars, Technological Advancements Continue in the Background

DEC 20, 2017

Blockchain, Cryptocurrency Domain Names Hotter Than Ever

DEC 17, 2017

Blockchain: Shifting From Internet of Information to Internet of Value

DEC 14, 2017

Synergizing Gaming Industry Through Blockchain

DEC 09, 2017

As Mainstream Adoption Grows, Bitcoin Can No Longer Be Stopped