Iyke Aru

Iyke Aru is an author who writes about Bitcoin in Nigeria and Africa in general, an easy going fellow and an enthusiastic entrepreneur. Iyke is an 'out-of-the-box' thinker who likes to always ‘get the job done’. Iyke spends his free time watching or playing footbal.


Worldwide Phenomenon: Banks Hate Bitcoin, Curious About Blockchain

FEB 21, 2017

Despite Rising BTC Price, Bitcoin Yet to Become Totally Independent

FEB 19, 2017

Governments and Banks Push Bitcoin Price to New Levels: Experts

FEB 17, 2017

Bitcoin Community Alert: How Scammers Monetize Traders’ Fears and Greed

FEB 16, 2017

Why Onecoin and Bitcoin Appear On Same Warning List, Again

FEB 14, 2017

Bitcoin Your Valentine, (Crypto) Love Is All You Need

FEB 10, 2017

Why Trusting Third Parties Like OkCoin, Huobi Dangerous For Bitcoin

FEB 08, 2017

Nigerians Run To Bitcoin For Safety, Take The Cue From Venezuelans

FEB 07, 2017

OneCoin Leads Top 3 Scam Coins List, S-Coin, EarthCoin Follow

FEB 06, 2017

Bitcoin Price Starts to Influence Government Policies

FEB 04, 2017

Bitcoin Price Will Skyrocket If It Becomes World’s Reserve Currency by 2020

FEB 02, 2017

Tor Users Expotential Rise in UAE Suggests Increased Global Lack of Privacy

JAN 27, 2017

Bitcoin Blockchain May Have Your Salary’s Immutable Record

JAN 27, 2017

Nigerian Government Offers Support To Blockchain Development Group

JAN 25, 2017

Top Blockchain Startups Join Efforts To Boost Industry’s Marketing

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