International Mining Consortium Makes Gold Coins Available to Everyone in its First ICO

Mining is an ancient trade that has not only survived to modern times, but thrived. It remains one of the major industries whose structure cuts across continents and cultures. The economic impact of the mining industry is so huge that it has been an essential part of inter-governmental power plays across different continents of the world. Therefore, bringing mining opportunities down to the level where it is no longer a reserve for governments and multinationals alone, but an opportunity for regular individuals represents the very essence of decentralization.

Making gold available to everyone

The opportunity for regular everyday investors to partake in this age-old bounty is being presented by Golden Alliance. The establishment is an international investment consortium of mining and consulting companies created to profit from implementation of gold and other mining investment projects and to increase investors’ income by raising the real value of assets and their liquidity.

Golden Alliance enables external investors to purchase a part of its portfolio by bringing it to market via ICO, as well as creating an opportunity to gain profit through the volatility of token market prices.

This ICO is aimed at maximizing the cryptocurrency market characteristics su