Mining is an ancient trade that has not only survived to modern times, but thrived. It remains one of the major industries whose structure cuts across continents and cultures. The economic impact of the mining industry is so huge that it has been an essential part of inter-governmental power plays across different continents of the world. Therefore, bringing mining opportunities down to the level where it is no longer a reserve for governments and multinationals alone, but an opportunity for regular individuals represents the very essence of decentralization.

Making gold available to everyone

The opportunity for regular everyday investors to partake in this age-old bounty is being presented by Golden Alliance. The establishment is an international investment consortium of mining and consulting companies created to profit from implementation of gold and other mining investment projects and to increase investors’ income by raising the real value of assets and their liquidity.

Golden Alliance enables external investors to purchase a part of its portfolio by bringing it to market via ICO, as well as creating an opportunity to gain profit through the volatility of token market prices.

This ICO is aimed at maximizing the cryptocurrency market characteristics such as high volatility, availability to all classes of investors, diversification of assets and liquidity. Its goal is to offer profitable opportunities to traders, venture investors, cryptoasset holders and ordinary investors.

The multiple profit opportunities with gold

By implementing Blockchain technology, Golden Alliance is introducing the Golden Alliance Coin. This coin has created a model of future profit distribution for token holders using a token repurchasing mechanism. Tokens will be issued as debt obligations. As a limited partner, Golden Alliance Coin will get a share in Golden Alliance and undertake to use it for repurchasing tokens (100%) at the market price with net profit made from development of fields and mining of gold, silver and other metals. Repurchasing of tokens seems to be rather attractive for investors due to their liquidity and volatility.

Investors will be able to make significant profit from the guarantee of investments which are actually in real gold, silver and other precious metals, and in gold reserves. Additionally, investors will profit from the company’s investments in exploration, verification and extraction in the fields and at new mines the company plans to explore.

Oleg Pavlyuk, Director for Corporate Development and Legal affairs at Golden Alliance says:

“We are sure that we offer excellent investment opportunities for all those who would like to diversify their portfolios with investments in ore mining projects, taking into account that, according to Metals Focus analysts, the gold price will show an upward trend, which will have a positive impact on the income of gold mining companies in various countries of the world.”

The opportunities and the roadmap

Golden Alliance Coin plans to issue not only its own electronic cryptocurrency, but also golden coins and gold bars of various values.

These golden coins will have their own quotations and their value will depend not only on the value of gold they will be made from, but also on the value of Golden Alliance tokens (GDA) at the cryptocurrency exchanges. Thus, the value of Golden Alliance tokens (GDA) should not be lower than the value of its golden equivalent.

The company will also be able to pay a part of profits to the investors both transferring funds in cryptocurrency and, upon the wish of investors, in golden equivalent.

Out of a total of 500 million Golden Alliance tokens (GDA) 90% of tokens will be available for purchase, 8% will be payed to the project team and spent on its promotion, and 2% will be spent on the bounty campaign. Moreover, special bonuses will be offered to participants within the framework of the token sale. A 25% discount for the purchase of tokens will be provided on the first day. By the end of the ICO sales period, it will be possible to buy tokens with 10% discount.

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