Joël Valenzuela

Joël Valenzuela is an author. He writes about Bitcoin and politics in the USA. He is also the founder of civic action organization the Rights Brigade, a mover to New Hampshire for the Free State Project, a martial art instructor, and a musician.

JAN 09, 2017

Arcade City a.k.a. “Uber Killer” Hard Forks, Founder Claims Fraud

JAN 06, 2017

Uber Collects User Location Data, New York City Demands Access

DEC 23, 2016

BipCoin to Provide “Censorship-Proof DNS,” Succeed Where NameCoin Failed

DEC 19, 2016

The Human Impact of Bitcoin's Scaling Problems

DEC 17, 2016

5 Things Any Cryptocurrency Needs to Achieve Mass Adoption

DEC 15, 2016

How Decentralized Blockchain-Powered Platforms Can Protect Artists Against Censorship

DEC 09, 2016

Dash Keeps Overtaking Ethereum As's Most Popular Altcoin As Bitcoin Dominance Strengthens

DEC 05, 2016

Most User-Friendly Crypto? Gulden User Experience Streamlined in Major Update

DEC 03, 2016

Zimbabwe Unleashes New Dollar-Pegged Currency, Should Switch to Bitcoin Instead

DEC 02, 2016

UK Bans End-to-End Encryption, Mandates Government Authority Over Encrypted Technologies

NOV 30, 2016

Third Corrupt U.S. Government Agent Discovered in Silk Road Case

NOV 26, 2016

UK Becomes Surveillance State, Passes New Spying Law on All Citizen Web Activity

NOV 26, 2016

EY Switzerland, World Top Four Accounting Firm, to Accept Bitcoin

NOV 22, 2016

Trump Picks Anti-Encryption Attorney General, Signal Encrypted Messenger Downloads Skyrocket

NOV 18, 2016

Bitcoin Anonymity Over? United States Government Seeks Identity, Transaction Records of Coinbase Users

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