Katharine Sharpe

Katharine has an MA in Science journalism and has worked for the BBC for the past 18 months, including six months as a production assistant for the science department. She has an honours degree in Anatomical and Physiological sciences and a passion for news media, and has had articles published in New Scientist and mail Online. When not working, she is an international 'Good For Age' class marathon runner and keen road cyclist. She can think of no better way to start the day than a sunrise run along the Thames.

APR 03, 2018

Blockchain Platform To Reward Users For Donating Their Genomic Data For Research

MAR 31, 2018

Company Enables Artists to Sell Unlimited Concert Tickets by Using Blockchain-Powered VR

MAR 23, 2018

Blockchain System Aims to Identify Health Problems Using AI

MAR 17, 2018

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MAR 14, 2018

Decentralized Video Surveillance Company Promises to Detect Threats Ahead of Crimes

MAR 13, 2018

Platform Plans to Unite World Karate Community Through Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

MAR 02, 2018

Company To Link Gold Trade Payment Methods With Cryptocurrency Techniques

FEB 27, 2018

Blockchain-based Artificial Neural Networks To Save Thousands Of Lives From Medical Errors

FEB 25, 2018

New Cryptocurrency Debit Card Harnesses AI To Give Customers The Best Deal

FEB 23, 2018

New Project to Tackle Crypto Energy Crisis by Generating Electricity Through Waste

FEB 19, 2018

Green Mining Company To Reduce Coin Generating Energy Costs By Harnessing Renewable Power

FEB 14, 2018

How a New Blockchain-Based Project is Trying to Build the New Internet

FEB 13, 2018

Blockchain Platform to Allow Workers From Low-income Countries to Earn as Data-labellers

FEB 12, 2018

Blockchain Platform To Help Promising Athletes To Jump Financial Hurdles

FEB 08, 2018

A Platform Intends to Become the Only Application You Need For Crypto Trading