Martin Rojko

As a freedom nerd and an Austrian economy school proponent finding out about bitcoin has come just naturally and was a question of time. Luckily it happened around 2010 and my passion for it has grown exponentially since then together with bitcoin economy. A journalist, blogger and occasional trader. I love bitcoin and I like writing. Why not mix it together?

OCT 19, 2016

Financial Doomsday Approaching for Europe as Central Banks Ignore Red Lights

OCT 18, 2016

Finnish Yacht Rental Company Accepts Bitcoin As Use of Crypto in Luxury Sector Grows

OCT 10, 2016

Google and Mozilla Begin “Privacy Shaming” Users for Accepting Insecure Connections

OCT 08, 2016

With Financial Restrictions Over, Bitcoin is to Unleash Full Potential in Argentina

OCT 02, 2016

Podcast: Moritz Bierling and Shlomi Zeltsinger - Exosphere Academy II

SEP 25, 2016

World’s Best Performing Currency: Bitcoin Inflation Rate Drops To 4%

SEP 24, 2016

Vodafone Invests $7 Bln in India to Challenge Mukesh Ambani

SEP 20, 2016

Steam Community Reports Coinbase Account Hacked; All Bitcoins Lost

SEP 19, 2016

Blockchain Comes to Fantasy Sports

SEP 16, 2016

Russia Blocks Finnish Bitcoin Exchange, Reasons Not Explained

SEP 14, 2016

iPhone7 omogućava plaćanje bitkoinima, ETC bi mogao biti sledeći

SEP 13, 2016

Ethereum (ETH and ETC) Price Trends (Week of September 12th)

SEP 08, 2016

Andreas Antonopulos otkriva nove načine da se nauči o bitkoinu na Džo Roganovom podkastu

SEP 05, 2016

Cloud Mining Czech Style: How to Get Most Out Of Your Bitcoin

AUG 31, 2016

Financial Monopolists Fear Losing out to Bitcoin, This Story Proves it