Martin Rojko

As a freedom nerd and an Austrian economy school proponent finding out about bitcoin has come just naturally and was a question of time. Luckily it happened around 2010 and my passion for it has grown exponentially since then together with bitcoin economy. A journalist, blogger and occasional trader. I love bitcoin and I like writing. Why not mix it together?

FEB 09, 2016

Brian hoffman openbazaar chceme dat lidem vic nez ebay

FEB 08, 2016

Zcash Brings More Privacy Than Bitcoin

FEB 05, 2016

zcash prinese vyssi miru soukromi a anonymity nez bitcoin

FEB 05, 2016

Terrorists not Using Bitcoin? Politicians Want to Regulate It Anyway

FEB 03, 2016

Byrokrate kryptomenam sledujeme vas, ale vas ale moc toho nezmuzeme

JAN 28, 2016

Nejocekavanejsi bitcoinove projekty pro letosni rok

JAN 26, 2016

Cashila Adds Sofort And SEPA Payments

JAN 25, 2016

The Most Anticipated Bitcoin Projects in 2016

JAN 20, 2016

Global Travel IT Provider Goes Bitcoin

JAN 14, 2016

Neo & Bee ex-CEO Brewster: "I've Made A Lot of Mistakes"

JAN 13, 2016

Buying With Bitcoin At Now Cheaper

JAN 09, 2016

Bitcoin Not Hot For Monetas

JAN 08, 2016

Fiat To Gold Yes, BTC To Gold Not So Easy

JAN 05, 2016

Deloitte: Blockchain Will Disrupt Your Industry

DEC 31, 2015

Chinese Exchange: FX Controls Impact Will Be Limited

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