At the time of writing, it could take over a thousand years to mine an entire block on the Bitcoin Blockchain using consumer grade hardware. One whole block is the minimum amount required to mine in order to receive adequate compensation for your work. To address this issue, Oasis Mining, a new pool-mining platform promises the lowest costs, and highest Return On Investment (ROI).

Joining forces

If you live in the Western Hemisphere, it is likely that electricity costs are high enough that the prospect of getting involved in Bitcoin or altcoin mining is something of a false economy.

If you live in a property with energy expenses included as part of the rent - you might be thinking that you have a golden opportunity for taking advantage of free energy. Unfortunately, you are out of luck. The recent surge of opportunists has led to convictions and even jail time in countries such as China and the Netherlands.

Pool mining allows various miners to join forces and resources towards the mining of a block in cooperation with each other.

This helps to minimize the mining time required by individual users who possess single machines or smaller mining farms who would otherwise be waiting a considerable amount of time for a payout. Miners share the dividends in proportion to their contributions. Whilst this may yield a smaller amount of revenue per person compared to solo mining, this revenue is received much more consistently and frequently.

Oasis Mining offers a advanced and comprehensive but easy to use interface. The platform enables its users to take advantage of a wide plethora of mining related services - at some of the lowest costs, and highest ROIs.

Currently supported coins include Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash. Some of the headlining features of Oasis Mining include the usage of the latest and greatest in mining software and hardware. Furthermore, the company’s farm is located in an area with a stable electricity supply.

The company claims that recent scare reports, such as those suggesting that bitcoin mining surpasses the capability of existing energy infrastructures are not an applicable concern when using this system.

Mining At All Levels of Expertise

Oasis Mining also allows users to sell the hashpower of their hardware to a growing community of miners.

The company claims to offer extremely competitive pre-sales prices along with a transparent pricing structure and immediate withdrawals. They also promise unlimited contract lengths and unlimited lifetime service to reward those who enjoy the service enough to continue subscription.

Oasis Mining also has a presence on Facebook. Mining starts on the April 1 2018, and they have an exchange forthcoming (initial trading pairs: BTC/BCH, BTC/ETH).

Daniel Mitchell

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