Litecoin price chart

Litecoin once again jumped over the barrier of $3.20 and then again moves down to the level of $3.00. As Bitcoin price movement has stopped, the falling of Litecoin to the level of $3.00 promises to be painfully slow, and to take some days. Only new growth of Bitcoin will be able to develop an uptrend of Litecoin and to send it to the tops of $3.50 and $3.80.


Dash price chart

DASH keeps second place on trade volumes at the Poloniex exchange. The price of this cryptocurrency moves in a corridor between 0.01 and 0.011. But it is still in a falling trend, the top of it is still the level of 0.017. But it seems that now there is a possibility to stop this trend at 0.01-0.011.


Eth price chart

Dispersal of the ETH price recalls the behavior of a locomotive without brakes. It has already passed the levels of 0.04 and 0.05 easily. Then moved over 0.06 and the level of 0.07 is taken in one day.

We already know that ETH can grow twice in 4 days. But what real advantages does it have? If there is no use of ETH for practical needs, we see a classical example of the "bubble" inflated by unlimited advertising.


Dogecoin price chart

Dogecoin, unlike ETH, doesn't abuse self-advertisement. And nevertheless, Dogecoin keeps its position in the top ten by volume on the Poloniex exchange, showing a steady growth.

The top of 55 Satoshi is already reached, thus the interest of traders doesn't weaken. Even at 50 Satoshi there is notable volume of demand for purchase. Now, the course is on the top of the chart, which isn't really good for purchases. As is the case with ETH, it is already too late to buy. Now it is better to wait.


Peercoin price chart

Peercoin price movement stopped at the level of $0.40 and the PPC:BTC exchange rate at the level of 0.001 doesn't allow traders to make good profits. The situation can change only with a change of Bitcoin price.


Neucoin price chart

Neucoin’s price continues to decrease and moves under the level of $2.5 for 1000 Neucoin. So far nothing indicates a trend stop. Nevertheless, it can change at any time. After all, just a month ago the price of Neucoin was four times higher than now and there has been no dramatically bad news about this cryptocurrency so far.