Litecoin price chart

Litecoin for some moments returned to the level of $3.00. It seems that it is not the last contact with the strong level of $3.00. Traders can make careful purchases below the level of $3.00. The main weakening factor for all cryptocurrencies now is the Chinese New Year’s Eve. Traditionally, during this period Chinese people exchange cryptocurrencies for Yuan. I must remind you, that Litecoin has a wide popularity among Chinese miners and traders. Therefore, it is hardly possible to count on growth of this cryptocurrency in the next few days.


Dash price chart

DASH surely and quietly grows, without paying attention to cryptocurrency storms. No matter what happens to Bitcoin, DASH leads its life. Price corridor of 0.01 - 0.011 is good for miners of DASH, but it is bad for traders. Purchases only at 0.075 and below are interesting for traders.


ETH price chart

ETH tries to test the level of 0.072 once again. But whether this athlete will be able to hold on to a bar so high? Will athlete be able not to throw a bar on his feet. Too many factors are in play against the further growth of ETH.

The Ethereum Homestead version can disappoint expectations of supporters of this cryptocurrency. The first hail from regulators towards ETH will instantly trample the price in a floor. ETH doesn't carry out the main function of money – isn't used for real trades. How long can it hold on only to smart contracts?


Dogecoin price chart

The miracle didn't happen. As one would expect, Dogecoin is falling. Patient traders can wait for it at 30 and 40 Satoshi. But less patient traders have a chance to become a long term investors in Dogecoin. The chart in a week recalls the fort with towers. We will wait until the wall of the fort is completed.


Peercoin price chart

Peercoin feels surely. Despite continuous falling of Bitcoin, Peercoin price is higher than $0.40 and tries to bite the level of $0.45 from time to time.

PPC:BTC exchange rate is fixed higher than 0.0011. Peercoin trading volumes slowly grow. Peercoin is a conservative cruptocurrency, so we shouldn’t wait for especially sharp movements. We hope for a further decrease in Bitcoin price so we can buy Peercoin for $0.40.