Litecoin price chart

This week Litecoin was a very volatile cryptocurrency. In the beginning of the week Litecoin price was under the level of $3.00, but in the middle of the week, in just one evening, the price reached $3.44. From this top the price started falling continuously, without even a short stop at the level of $3.20.

Next week we may wait for it to return to $3.00 or maybe even below.


Dash price chart

The cryptocurrency of DASH made tremendous jumps and falls. Traders’ heads can begin to spin. DASH began the week a little higher than 0.01, but the growing trend on Friday evening took DASH above 0.017. The falling, which continues even now, began from this top.

The purpose for this movement will bring DASH back to 0.01, which should be expected next week.


Eth price chart

During last week ETH showed a constant and steady growth. Trading volumes on Poloniex were huge. ETH began the week on 0.032 and by the weekend the level had moved to 0.042 and above.

Now it’s time to fix profits. ETH is known for both having jumps and falls. Next week it is worth expecting a correction, which can return the price to the level of 0.03 or below (0.025 remains to be a good level for purchases). Or maybe, you know a reason why it should remain higher than 0.04?   


Dogecoin price chart

This week became a week of success for Dogecoin. Being actively fixed higher than 40 Satoshi, Dogecoin already strives to 45 Satoshi. And if this level will be reached the next stop could be 50 Satoshi.

Even more often Dogecoin gets in top-10 cryptocurrencies on trading volumes on the Poloniex exchange. It means that the interest of traders is growing.

Last week the price made a jump from 38-40 Satoshi to the level of 45-48 Satoshi. A 50 Satoshis level test, and also the movement back to 40 Satoshi are both possible. Rate fluctuations at the level of 45-48 Satoshi too will suit us as they will tell us that Dogecoin is on strong positions.


Peercoin price chart

This week for Peercoin was rather successful. There were also good opportunities for purchases, at $0.39 and below, and good opportunities for sales (at $0.42 and above).

Next week it is worth expecting fluctuations in the same range. The exchange rate of PPC:BTC feels strong, remaining higher than 0.001 all week. Next week there will be attempts to go down from the level 0.001, and later returns back to it. In general, next week is good to make buy orders rather than good sales.


Neucoin price chart

Neucoin was falling all week. First it left $3.50 for 1000 Neucoin, and passed $3.30, which didn't become the level of support.

Yesterday, Neu made the latest contact with the level of $3.00 for 1000 Neucoin, and the price moved much below. Trading volumes show an almost total absence of interest from traders. So, next week it is possible to expect a continuation of falling and an updating of a local bottom.