Following up on their statement to Cointelegraph about developing a voting module that could use the Blockchain to prevent electoral inconsistencies and irregularities, Expanse Borderless technology has launched a mock US election on the Blockchain.

Coming just a few days before the US general elections, this replica is aimed at demonstrating the viability of the Blockchain in disrupting the traditional systems which have been plagued with several irregularities.

The disruptive technology

Like in every other industry, the Blockchain continues to reveal new and more reliable ways of solving problems.

In their publication, Expanse describes the current voting system as “archaic and full of absurdities.” What is currently obtainable, leaves room for so many assumption and uncertainties. Also, time and convenience are factors that may not come up as friendly when comparing the current voting system with the application of the disruptive technology.

Among other factors, the Founder of Expanse Borderless Tech, Christopher Franko, outlines the advantages of voting on the immutable Blockchain. Franko highlights factors such as storing votes forever, creating records that can never be tampered with, elimination of multiple voting by individuals and personal convenience as intrinsic values that can be achieved by employing the Blockchain in voting.

Blockchain is the perfect system

Franko points out the worst that could happen as he says to Cointelegraph:

“Even if anyone ever could cheat with this system, that cheat would also be recorded on the Blockchain to ferret out later. This is simply a situation where the potential of Expanse and Borderless are totally superior to any previous centralized systems for voting.”

Franko concludes by noting that the current exercise by Expanse is anonymous, as it is a tech demonstration without the identity system, although identity systems in the future could have everything from total anonymity to the true identity on the Blockchain in whatever manner desired.