Emercoin recorded a surge in its 24 hour trade volume, after the Emercoin Blockchain Engine was released on Microsoft’s Azure platform.

Working with the Azure platform enables it to be deployed using CentOS or Ubuntu in the cloud.

A news release from Emercoin says:

“With this release, any user can deploy the completely ready to use Emercoin Blockchain Engine, including EMCSSH as a service as well as a web-wallet with their Microsoft Azure subscription. No additional settings or installations are required by design, providing a full “turn-key” solution, ready to use. This solution can be used as a structural foundation and blockchain subsystem for more complex systems, as well an independent online wallet with web access.”

Although Microsoft Azure has been working or seeking to work with companies focused on crypto-technology and blockchain-related solutions since its inception in November 2015, Emercoin joined the program in January 2016 to become one of the first partners and blockchain-Implementing service providers.

This comes after the Emercoin development team decided to combine the production of both Bitcoin and Emercoin with a vision to significantly increase the trust and reliability of the Emercoin network last month. The Emercoin team believe merged mining will signal an increase in network difficulty by 500 times or more for the Emercoin blockchain.

Emercoin over Ethereum in the long term

Emercoin and Ethereum appeared around the same time.

In stating the difference in approach to the blockchain taken by both digital currencies, Oleg Khovayko, one of the cofounders of Emercoin, explains:

“To summarize Ethereum – maximum innovation, but a lot of critical pieces left untested. Emercoin takes a more conservative approach – maximum security. Our long term goal is a proven, tested operation without the shadow of failures or errors. With Ethereum, it is possible to incorporate many flexible/complex functions however with the Bitcoin and Emercoin blockchains, minimal functionality is incorporated to ensure the chains work for specific purposes.”

Oleg Khovayko, one of the cofounders of Emercoin

Khovayko says Ethereum is perfect for experimentation and testing new ideas, while Emercoin is a system for industrial application. 

“It will be used by those who appreciate long-term reliability and platforms that get the important jobs done,” he points out. “Not those who are looking for a multitude of extra and unnecessary features.”

Khovayko explains:

“There are some points of doubt I have on the feasibility of Ethereum. Their claims of nearing the performance and transaction processing of Visa when it comes to transaction per second is one I strongly object to. There are many questions I have when it comes to the claims made by proponents of Ethereum, because I have a great understanding of the dangers and vulnerability of their approach.”

In the Azure Marketplace, users can browse thousands of applications for use, covering practically all of the existing technological solutions of today.

The Emercoin Blockchain Engine is offered as a free solution. The only cost incurred by the subscriber would be that of running a virtual machine and it’s components at the Microsoft Azure rates.