Less and less time remains until April 6th - the day when Alte Kongresshalle, Munich, will open its doors for one of the most promising industry events of this year, BlockShow Europe 2017. It was November when we wrote about this conference for the first time. Now, we are sharing the latest progress from its organizers.

Rainmaking Innovation: partnership and beyond

One of the most important BlockShow updates was a new partner joining the conference - Rainmaking Innovation, a global Innovation Consulting & Startup Acceleration platform. Most notably, the partnership has gone even further in that particular case - Elizabeth Lumley, Managing Director and Thought Leader at Rainmaking Innovation, has also joined BlockShow Europe 2017 as a Master of Ceremony, which she has recently confirmed.

Liz Lumley is an internationally recognized reporter, conference speaker and organizer with more than 20 years involvement in the fintech space. Apart from that, she is also a regular contributor to Brett King’s Breaking Banks radio show on the VoiceAmerica Business channel.

IBM, JP Morgan, Zerado: new speakers arriving

The most valuable thing every conference can give its attendees is knowledge and useful information, transmitted through the event participants, speakers and exhibitors. The same opinion has been expressed by some of the BlockShow participants - for example, Dave Pearce, Board Member at NXT Foundation stated:

“We have always had a very strong commitment to spreading the word about both crypto-currency and Blockchain technology, so we are very supportive of the core concept of BlockShow: bringing the best projects in Blockchain to a public forum.”

“The most important of any conference is the people attending. We are looking forward to having the opportunity to both meet up and network with our peers and competitors, as well as to be able to present our solutions and ideas to BlockShow attendees.”

Every week the roster of BlockShow speakers is updated with distinguished representatives of the Blockchain & fintech sectors. While you can find the most recent arrivals at the official conference website, we are presenting just a few of them.

Paolo Tasca - an advisor on Blockchain technologies for different international organizations including the EU Parliament. Paolo recently joined the University College London as the Director of the Center for Blockchain Technologies. Apart from that, he is also the co-author of the bestseller “FINTECH Book” and the co-editor of the book “Banking Beyond Banks and Money.”

At BlockShow Europe 2017 Paolo will be speaking on "The Current State of the Blockchain."

Daniel Drummer- Before taking his position as a Vice President at JP Morgan, Daniel was a management consultant at McKinsey & Company. He is focusing on digital technologies and disruptive innovation as he has been part of McKinsey & Company’s Big Data and advanced analytics group.

At BlockShow Europe 2017 Daniel will speak on "Blockchain from the Bank perspective" and share the insights and vision on Blockchain implementation.

Angel Gonzalez - IT specialist with more than a decade of professional background. Currently works in IBM Research & Development as an Architect for Analytics, Internet of Things and Blockchain.

At BlockShow Europe 2017, Angel Gonzalez will be one of the panelists during the “Overcoming the Challenges of Blockchain Implementation” panel discussion.

Tomasz Mloduchowski - an entrepreneur involved in the Bitcoin and Blockchain ecosystems since 2009. Being a Co-founder and CTO at Zerado, he provides insights on the impact that Blockchain can offer to the finance, banking health and identity markets.

At BlockShow Europe 2017, Tomasz Mloduchowski will appear during the “Established Blockchain Solutions” presentation, where he will be representing the Digital Identity sector.

Jack Nikogosian- He is also known as Bitcoin Jack for his experiment of living just on Bitcoin for a month. Currently, Jack is a Head of Coinify Digital Innovation Lab, whose goal is to create a range of proof of concepts that will form the basis for the development of specific products and services.

At BlockShow Europe 2017, Jack Nikogosian will appear during the “Established Blockchain Solutions” presentation where he will be representing Remittance sector.

Looking ahead

What’s next? According to BlockShow organizers’ plans, the list of speakers will be fully completed within a month - as well as an announcement of Hotel and Taxi attendee discounts.

But there’s more to it: new partners, exhibitors, and the Startup Competition main prize still lie ahead, so be sure that even more big news are coming. If you want to receive all latest updates in real-time, subscribe to the official BlockShow newsletter and follow Cointelegraph Events pages on Facebook and Twitter.

See you in April!