Blockchain technology is gaining more and more acceptance worldwide. We have witnessed a boost in the adoption of Blockchain by many businesses not limited to the area of finances.

Cointelegraph is on a daily mission to socialize and popularize the technology and contribute to its even wider acceptance. That was our motivation for the Helsinki Blockchain Conference, and that is exactly the reason why we are flying to Munich in April next year.

An opportunity not to be missed

We are happy to invite you to BlockShow Europe 2017, which is expected to become the largest platform for showcasing established Blockchain solutions.

You can familiarize yourself with the event program here, but we better tell you about the opportunity to listen to presentations about the brightest established solutions, experts finding solutions to the vital problems during the panel discussions and startups competing for the prize "best Blockchain Startup 2017."

Get practical knowledge on Blockchain integration

Visit BlockShow Europe to gain essential industry insight. The Conference provides you with the latest technology, regulatory and investment developments directly from the key industry players, market influencers and other industry insiders.

You will get first-hand information on how Blockchain is being successfully integrated in various industries and what impact it has already had on the markets. It is certainly valuable for making conscious decisions, discovering new revenue opportunities and growing your business.

BlockShow Europe focuses exclusively on the most pressing issues impacting the FinTech industry. The sessions are crafted to address the latest developments and challenges faced by the industry.

Forge new business connections

BlockShow Europe is not only an informational event, it is a perfect opportunity for networking and establishing a ground for future partnerships. It is a great platform for meaningful one-on-one and group discussions to forge new business relationships.

Whether you are a developer, investor, industry analyst, or you represent a financial institution, you need to be at BlockShow Europe. Startups will get a chance to present their disruptive Blockchain projects and take a shot at becoming the best Blockchain Startup 2017.

Financial institutions can get inspired by fresh ideas and meet FinTech talents, who may be a valuable acquisition for the development of Blockchain-related projects. Investors are welcome to join to explore investment opportunities.

An insight from key industry players

We are honored to introduce to you our key speakers:

Ned Scott, professional empowering social networking with Blockchain technology, CEO & co-founder of Steemit.

Adam Stradling, a financial technology entrepreneur, who pioneered the development of Bitcoin and related Blockchain technologies. He co-founded and operated, and has acted as an advisor, investor and consultant for many Bitcoin and Blockchain systems and companies like Ethereum, Factom, Siacoin, Bitnexo, etc.

Ismail Malik, a serial entrepreneur with several startups under his belt. Ismail is a CEO at Blockchain Lab, and founder of SmartLedger.

Bernd Lapp, advisor at Ethereum Foundation, has an excellent insight and knowledge about the technology, which he combines with his experience in digital business development and product management.

Jamie Burke, founded Blockchain Angels to enable Europe's Angel & Early Stage VC Community through workshops, pitch events and thought leadership to invest in the biggest opportunity since the Web itself - the emerging Blockchain startup space.

Bruce Pon, entrepreneur building Blockchain database technology, CEO and co-founder at BigchainDB.

Matej Michalko, co-Founder and CEO at DECENT, has built a content distribution platform, which allows to delete the third party and create a fully integrated & trustworthy system of content distribution empowered by the Blockchain.

We should mention that this is only a small part and more speakers from big enterprises, banks and industry leaders are to be announced soon.

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