Bitcoin Awareness Campaign Launches Across Major U.S. Cities

I often sit and consider what I would do on the off chance that I had a million dollars. When I chat with people about Bitcoin, they understand very little about it. The more I teach them on the benefits, the more they appreciate its value. Giving the regular person an "elevator pitch" on the benefits of Bitcoin technology is time well spent. It really doesn't take long to enlighten someone on something so innovative and needed, worldwide.

The average Joe is accustomed to the media telling them bad news about Bitcoin. Whether it is investigating its drop in relative worth versus the U.S. Dollar, or concentrating on the occasions like Silk Road or Mt. Gox. TV is still the predominant medium of North America and the world, and they call it "programming," as they should.

But perhaps the time has come to change channels when it comes to Bitcoin?

Back to having a million dollars. Since Bitcoin is my primary concern right now, I think helping the world see exactly how it will change the world for the better is a noble thought. Why not make a bundle of TV advertisements that would highlight its numerous advantages? Why not buy a bunch of billboards and spread them at prime areas across the nation to spread my adoration for Bitcoin.


Genesis Mining is doing just that by starting a far reaching, and not cheap, Nationwide Bitcoin Awareness Campaign called #ExploreBitcoin. This project started on Monday in the United States, will continue for several months, and may spread to other countries. Bulletins will populate San Fransisco and Los Angeles with messages like this:


In the event that you are in urban areas like New York, Chicago or DC, and you pass by a Western Union office, you may come across someone carrying a sign like this:


Strolling down the road, on the off chance that you hail a taxicab, you may be welcomed by a sign on top that goes like this:


"This will be an on-going effort that we will travel through various urban communities in the up and coming months. This isn't about Genesis Mining. We need to begin development and have different organizations dispatch comparative activities in the US and abroad," said Marco Streng, CEO of Genesis Mining

He likewise rushes to call attention to the fact that you don't need to make expansive media purchases and be an enormous, effective mining organization to have any kind of effect in advancing Bitcoin's image. Why not make a "Meme" or simply utilize an awesome quote on what Bitcoin gives, similar to this case from Genesis.

Streng understands that the improvement of the Bitcoin brand is vital for his business over time. Bitcoin could use the public relation push, and the mainstream media certainly isn't interested. Streng:

“We know stepping out and doing this campaign will generate criticisms from the community, and that’s fine. We’ll take it. But instead of spending your time talking about us, why not put those efforts towards raising awareness about Bitcoin? The community constantly fights and criticizes each other. Why not put all that energy towards he