Bitcoin Daily Digest: Antonopoulos Barred from Silk Road Trial, BitPay’s Zero-Confirmation and more

Andreas Antonopoulos blocked from being an expert witness at the Silk Road trial, Bitpay proposes new protocol to create zero-confirmation instant payments, Capetown to host first Afircan Bitcoin conference and much more news that happened on February 2.

1 -  Silk Road judge blocks Antonopoulos from appearing as expert witness at trial

Katherine B. Forrest, the judge in Ross Ulbricht's Silk Road trial, has blocked the defense from calling Andreas Antonopoulos as an expert witness. First highlighting the late stage the decision to call Antonopoulos up, the judge went on to question his qualifications to testify as an expert.

“Lacking also is any indication that Antonopoulos has any expertise in the areas in which he seeks to testify. His resume lists that he has worked as a consultant in crypto-currencies and published unnamed “articles” in that area (not a single publication of the alleged group of “200” is listed, let alone information sufficient to assess the seriousness or depth of such articles). Of course, not all consultants are experts.”

2 - Bitpay proposes zero-confirmation instant payment solution

Bitpay introduced the concept of trusted clearing partners to enable Bitcoin transfers that receiving partners could trust before confirmations appear on the blockchain. The Impulse protocol would lock funds with a 'trusted' operator for later use in a two signature confirmed transaction.

“In the Bitcoin world, this would take the form of users pre-confirming their funds with such intermediaries and then using the confirmed “payment channel” funds to pay a receiving merchant or second user.”