Bitcoin exchange BTC-e has said it has regained access to its data centers while confirming its “main fiat flows” were still under the control of law enforcement.

In its latest Russian-language update on Bitcointalk Thursday, BTC-e said it was currently in the process of “assessing” the data and would release the information within 10 days.

“We have been able to get access to our data centers and wallets,” the post confirms.

“We are right now carrying out assessments of data and coin balances and will make the information public by the end of next week.”

In a further development, the author of the post - ostensibly the BTC-e support team - “confirmed” its fiat flows had gone through intermediary Mayzus Financial Services and were beyond its reach.

Sergey Mayzus

This week, Sergey Mayzus, owner of the umbrella organization which controls OKPAY and MoneyPolo among others, threatened to sue GitHub over statements posted on one of its hosted pages about his ties with BTC-e.

Mayzus conceded that there “may” have been clients serviced by his companies which constituted “legal entities who could be operators of the BTC-E exchange or private persons who could be owners or employees of the BTC-E exchange.”

Users are still waiting for news about funds held on the exchange at the time of its outage in late July. Previous updates suggested it was unclear whether the full amount of cryptocurrency in BTC-e’s wallets would ever be available, and that users might have to settle for less.