BitGo engineer Jameson Lopp has released a bespoke tool designed to make running a full Bitcoin node more efficient.

The Bitcoin Core Config Generator aims to allow users to configure nodes quickly and easily, saving money while maintaining maximum security.

“...Running a full node is important because it’s the only way to maximize the security properties of your usage of Bitcoin,” he wrote introducing the program Thursday.

“As such, it’s important that we can keep the cost of node operation fairly low — and there are ways to decrease the cost of running a node if you know how to configure it properly.”

Lopp noted the number of possible permutations for the code when running a full node have increased rapidly over the years, and that many users may not be aware of what is possible.

Included in the Generator are recommendations on how to best configure a node for beneficial performance.

The release garnered considerable interest, sparking propagation from both Andreas Antonopoulos and Tuur Demeester.

Bitcoin Core wrong: Ver

Meanwhile, Bitcoin Unlimited proponent and outspoken Core critic Roger Ver announced informational material he had prepared specifically to demonstrate why he “thinks Core is on the wrong path for Bitcoin's future.”

Included in the 36 slides are charts showing increases in time and transaction fees for the Bitcoin network, along with multiple quotes from Core developer Greg Maxwell.