While there are suggestions that the Bitcoin price could soar, the site which claims to be the “Numero Uno astrology website in India” has predicted that Bitcoin will be prone to a lot of controversies in the last quarter of this year which could lead to major fluctuation in its price.

GaneshaSpeaks.com, which says it streamlines a scattered and directionless astrology market, states in its prediction that the chances are high that the people may start losing faith in the digital currency as a result of the issues that will come up due to some planetary influences.

Kaal-Sarpa Dosha

It states:

“Bitcoin will be prone to a lot of controversies as its Foundation Chart has the Kaal-Sarpa Dosha. The current transit of Rahu-Ketu and Saturn will create a lot of complications. Major fluctuation in the prices of Bitcoin is foreseen post 12th Sept. 2017. The changes will be considerable in terms of volume and value.”

“Till 26th Oct. 2017, Lord Saturn will move in a retrograde-direct motion over Natal Sun and Mars. This may cause legal problems for it. It is likely that some countries may work towards imposing some strict regulations on Bitcoin. The transit of Saturn through Sagittarius this year will pose a lot of challenges for it, feels Ganesha.”

Trump’s policies

This is somewhat in contrast to industry insiders’ views on what to expect about the Bitcoin price. There has been a projected rise in the price based on an analysis of a pending trade war between the US and China. The Business Head and Senior Editor of Zee News, one of the largest Indian news networks, Sudhir Chaudhary hinted that Bitcoin could reach $10,000 in value based on the rising demand for the cryptocurrency and Chandler Guo, one of the largest Bitcoin miners in China, tipped it could reach $10,000 or even as high as $1 mln.

There is no ironclad guarantee that any of these projections would become realistic including that from GaneshaSpeaks which ends its prediction on a note that the future of Bitcoin may be dicey and it is “best to stay alert and see how things will work out.”

In another prediction that is of global relevance, it says the US is going to feel some pain in the short-term which may bring some uncertainty and confusion even though US President Donald Trump’s actions and policies will be in the interest of the country.

The Hindu astrology site foresees Trump’s policies shaking the world in the period between March 2019 and February 2020. It also says Trump will be able to complete his full term as president.