‘Bitcoin Sign Guy’ has received donations totalling almost $16,000 since his “buy Bitcoin” ‘photobomb’ went viral Wednesday.

The as yet unnamed man caused a sensation after holding up a sign with the call to action behind Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen as she was testifying in Congress on the current condition of the US economy.

Donations as gestures of thanks immediately started pouring in, the address provided by Bitcoin Sign Guy in a subsequent photograph having collected more than 6.76 BTC ($15,750) at press time.

The move was widely reported even in mainstream media including CNBC, a publication which itself has issued several glowing appraisals of Bitcoin in recent weeks.

“Bitcoin doesn't need the free advertising. The digital currency has more than doubled in value this year, raising concerns it is entering bubble territory,” the publication commented, noting Bitcoin Sign Guy was removed from the hearing after cameras caught his “stunt.”

“Buy ETH” copycat

Meanwhile, an imitation making use of the original Congress footage continues to make the rounds on social media.

Taking the form of a GIF image, Bitcoin Sign Guy’s face has been photoshopped to resemble Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, who holds up a sign stating “Buy ETH.”