Whether you are new to Bitcoin or a Bitcoin veteran, acquiring a very talented Bitcoin wallet may be a great Christmas present for yourself. You could even consider it a New Year’s Resolution. Why not have a Bitcoin wallet with some new whizz-bang features for 2017? If you fall into that number that desires an upgrade, BitPay has released details of their newest revised Bitcoin wallet on their blog.

It is officially known as v1.2.0 and is available now. It adds many new features your current wallet, whether it is from BitPay or elsewhere, may not have. One new feature is the ability to send all Bitcoin funds in the wallet in one transaction. This may be useful if you are transferring all your funds from one wallet to another.

If you need to receive a specific amount of BTC, you can set the BitPay wallet to create a specific QR code for this transaction amount. You can also audit all transactions and balances held at each of your past BitPay wallet Bitcoin addresses. You'll find a full listing of all the addresses in each wallet, the addresses with balances and the functionality to generate multiple new addresses at the same time.

BitPay may have released the newest wallet version now so you can use it to buy Amazon Gift Cards. Now, you can spend up to $1000 worth of Bitcoin to gain credit directly from Amazon.com for Christmas and beyond. BitPay has an exchange partnership with Glidera and the new wallet is optimized to work with Glidera in all 50 U.S. states and in Canada as well. This new wallet will even help you sweep your paper wallets and adjust the transaction fees accordingly.

If you do not have the latest operating system, this wallet version might not be compatible, or backwards-compatible. I sent a Tweet to BitPay to find out if you could adjust the settings of a transaction to pay a higher fee, in order to get around mempool backlog issues, and they confirmed that you can go to “Settings” and make that adjustment, on-the-fly.

Available on Mac OS Sierra, Windows, Linux, the App Store and Google Play, if you are looking for a new Bitcoin wallet this Christmas, the v1.2.0 Bitcoin wallet from BitPay may be the gift that keeps on giving for the holidays.