Investment media have begun warning of a “fairly dramatic dip in Bitcoin's value” should a hard fork occur.

In a piece to readers on Monday, Wealth Daily warns that Bitcoin holders stand to lose without protection.

“Some people are of the opinion that a Bitcoin fork won't happen. But, from a web development angle, it seems inevitable,” it reports.

Taking the events surrounding Ethereum’s fork as a blueprint, the publication perpetuates popular perceptions among the Bitcoin community that a hard fork would cause significant upheaval, as well as a volatility split between two “versions” of Bitcoin.

“There will now be two tokens, and one will rise in value in the eyes of investors (just like Ethereum over Ethereum Classic),” it continues.

The tone is indicative of the general gloom descending over markets amid a quick yet still relatively shallow downturn in Bitcoin’s fortunes.

By contrast, Ethereum has fallen much more within the same timeframe, while Bitcoin inches closer to a milestone decision to activate SegWit technology for its network.

“...Even if a fork doesn't happen, it's important to be prepared,” Wealth Daily adds.

“Whether it's a soft fork or a hard fork, Bitcoin will likely lose value.”

When Bitcoin prices were still booming last month, mainstream media outlets were by contrast quick to celebrate a new dawn.